Endurance nutrition strategy

Endurance nutrition strategy

Endurance nutrition strategy: perfect your sports nutrition with these 4 easy wins

There's no such thing as a fixed sports nutrition schedule, no one magic endurance nutrition formula that will turn us from mediocre to mega overnight. We're all different but the four pillars of sports nutrition below apply equally to everyone so here's some simple, actionable advice you can put in place today for serious improvements and real results without any need to turn into a hermit who lives out of Tupperware or the kind of crazy who weighs every meal...

Endurance nutrition strategy, win #1: bin scheduled nutrition plans

These exist to sell product not to help athletes. This is why ‘recommended’ consumption is always going up funnily enough…

Endurance nutrition strategy, win #2: learn to listen to your body

Your body's very clever and will tell you when it needs food and water. It will also tell you when it doesn't like something. If you feel sick or don't get results using any nutrition strategy or products, that's your body talking. Pay attention because several million years of evolution means it knows its sh*t. Go faster, go happier, feel better.

Endurance nutrition strategy, win #3: think beyond the outdated dogma of 'carbs for fuel', 'protein for recovery'

These are stone age and miss the idea of nutrient-density by a mile. You are a racing machine asking the most of your body over a long distance. Fueling this precision weapon (your body) for battle with the equivalent of red diesel (the cheap stuff farmers run generators on) and recovering with powdery gunk and sticky bars is giving your body a fraction of what it really needs. You get a lot of empty calories and bugger all nutrition.

Endurance nutrition strategy 3Your body is a finely honed racing machine - it needs the best fuel there is for real performance

Instead, aim for max nutrient density in everything. Loaded smoothies, soups and salads packed with fruit and veg. For your extra protein stock up on nuts, nut butters, chick peas, lentils, lean fish and meats - it’s impossible not to get enough protein with a half decent diet.

Endurance nutrition strategy, win #4: employ our one simple strategy for perfect race-day fueling every time

We call it ‘checking in’. Simply put, if you know you eat - on average - every 45 mins during a long session or race, when that 40 mins comes around don’t mindlessly eat, get mindful and 'check in’ instead, asking yourself ‘am I hungry?’. 

If you are, eat, if not schedule your next ‘check-in’ for 10 mins and then ask the same question again. 

You can then shorten or extend ‘check in’ intervals as needed to make sure you’re always ahead of the curve.

Don't worry if you’re eating every 15 mins at times because you’re now responding to feel and obviously need it, and equally no need to worry if you don’t eat for three hours for the same reasons. The more you practice this, the more natural it becomes and before you know it you can’t bonk because you're plugged into exactly what your body wants.

Endurance nutrition strategy: conclusion

Follow these four wins and you'll be an alkaline-balanced, inflammation-reduced, immunity-boosted, fat-burning, stable energy producing powerhouse who never blows up. Your next PB awaits.

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