The three biggest health markers all athletes should know

The three biggest health markers all athletes should know

At 33Fuel we're on a mission to make athletes of all levels faster, happier and healthier. A huge part of this is cutting through the endless fog of bullsh*t surrounding health and performance, which is why today we're looking at the three biggest health markers all athletes should know

In this age of smartwatches, constant connection and the internet of things the 'quantified self' is a term that keeps cropping up. It sounds fancy, but all it means is using the multitude of technology and devices out there to measure everything in your life that matters from sleep and blood pressure to levels of key hormones in your body and much more. 

Go too deep down this rabbit hole and it's easy to feel you need to be monitoring yourself 24/7 before spending your weekends crunching the data in search of athletic perfection.

We're here to tell you: don't sweat it. 

If this stuff floats your boat and you dig mining data then by all means, dive in. But if it's all a bit too much - as it is for most of us with lives and jobs - the risk is it becomes too easy to avoid any analysis because it's become way too complex to now know where to begin. 

So no one starts, which is also a mistake. 

If we've learned anything creating 33Fuel's gamechanging products and going against the damaging trend in sports nutrition for an over-reliance on hokey science and bogus ingredients, it's that nature generally knows best. 

Apply this same thinking to monitoring your own health and the result is these three major health markers you can easily keep an eye on without a single piece of tech required. 

Three biggest health markers: #1: sleep quality

Only two things matter with sleep:

  • Do you normally fall asleep easily and quickly
  • Do you generally wake up feeling refreshed

Answered 'yes' to each of these? Excellent, your sleep rocks. Carry on as you are. 

If you answered no to either of the above, you just need to address sleep hygene, timing, and caffeine levels and/or meal times (a late meal means your body's digesting all night which reduces sleep quality and increases tiredness on waking). For more on all of these subjects our post on better sleep for athletes has all you need to know.

If stress and an internal dialogue that won't shut up is what keeps you awake, meditation is the answer. It's not just for tie-dyed beardie weirdies you know. This post covers meditation basics to get you started

Three biggest health markers #2: it's all in the eyes

The whites of your eyes should be white. Simple as that. If yours are, skip to #3. 

If they're yellow though this can indicate too much acidity in the body which increases disease risk and slows you down in training and racing. The simple solution? More fruit and veg, and less processed foods and additives. 

Puffy eyes can be caused by simple tiredness and too long at the laptop screen, but they can also be caused by simple dehydration. Solution: reduce coffee and booze, bin the soft drinks, drink water.

Three biggest health markers all athletes should know

Yellow whites to your eyes = too much acidity in your body. Unless you're a tiger that is...

Longer term, age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of sight loss in the western world and anyone's risk of this can be greatly reduced with diet. 

Goji berries are one of the best foods for protecting against this problem, and you'll find these in our Pre and Post Workout Shakes. We use them for their adaptogenic properties (helping the body adapt positively to training stresses) and their great immune function boost (so you can spend your time training, not being ill), but long term eye health is an awesome added bonus.

This is what we mean when we talk about delivering performance gains and longterm health gains at 33Fuel. Every ingredient we use is chosen because it's the best possible choice for maxing out sports performance while delivering longterm benefits too. 

Three biggest health markers #3: waistline

A straight no-brainer this. If your waistline's inching upwards, your risk of just about every lifestyle disease going is rising with it. 

While a few extra pounds over the holidays is no biggie, flogging yourself to cover model/supermodel standards is neither healthy nor wise either. If the weight's creeping on despite training and exercise, this post on weight loss for athletes delivers all the tools you need to rein it in without affecting performance or sanity. 

Meanwhile, the two biggest causes for athletes who can't shift stubborn weight are:

  • The post training binge: beers, pizza and cake after a 50-mile ultra have their place, but when they're coming after every 30-min gym session you're in calorie overload. Make sure calories out beats treats in every time
  • The wrong sports nutrition: similar to the above, 99% of sports nutrition is loaded with same sugars and additives as junk food and sweets. Their marketing will make you feel healthy as you pour them down, the scales the next day will tell you the opposite. 33Fuel products only contain 100% natural and real food ingredients so this never happens

Yours in performance

Warren Pole

Co-founder, 33Fuel

Need a massive performance upgrade today and a longterm health upgrade for the future? 

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