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Premium Protein

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When you need to recover like a boss our Premium Protein has your back. With 20g of the highest quality protein in every serving and 14 servings per pack, it's everything you need to maximise your training gains every time.

With organic ingredients, no sweeteners or additives, this is pure recovery power. Loaded with organic raw cacao & banana it's also delicious - we wouldn't have it any other way.

  • 20g protein per serving, 14 delicious servings per pack

  • Nature's most powerful & complete plant protein sources

  • Organic ingredients, plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free

  • No sweeteners, preservatives or additives

  • Proudly handmade in UK

  • No plastic scoop. The world has quite enough plastic and you probably own a spoon. If you don't email us and we'll send you one of ours ;)

Our unique protein blend, developed through years of research and testing in the world's toughest races is 100% plant-based. For us the benefits of the best plant-based protein sources for performance and health are just too compelling. They match whey protein for muscle gain and recovery, while adding benefits not found in whey, including lowering risk of heart disease
, lowering cholesterol, aiding good digestion and aiding normal immune function.

For your very biggest races and training blocks you might need our Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes. For everything else - from running and cycling to team sports, Crossfit and gym work - this is pure perfection. Tuck in and settle back knowing you just did your performance and health a huge favour.

When to use

  • Post workout recovery. training breaks you down, recovery is where you get fitter. Optimal protein intake matters and one serving of our Premium Protein delivers precisely what you need, when you need it with great taste and no hassle
  • The ultimate grab & go breakfast. Use a few spoons to power up your favourite morning smoothie

How to prepare

  • Add six level tablespoons to water or your favourite milk
. Alternatively add to smoothies, porridge or cereal

  • Pro tip #1: For gym or work, add your Premium Protein to a (washed) jam jar. When you need it post-session, simply add water, shake and drink - no need for a plastic shaker or blender

  • Pro tip #2: Play around with flavours by adding fruit, ice, oat flakes, desiccated coconut or ground cinnamon

Premium Protein combines brilliantly with the rest of the 33Fuel Protein & Recovery range for a full set of recovery options including bars (Eroica Protein bar) and Shakes (Elite Pre & Post Workout Shake)

Ingredients: Pea Protein, Coconut Sugar, Organic Raw Cacao, Organic Banana, Organic Rice Protein, Organic Sunflower Protein

Nutrition per serving (38g)
Energy KJ 607 Kj
Kcal 145 Kcal
Fat 2g
of which:
Saturates <1g
Carbohydrate 15g
Of which sugars 10g
Dietary Fibre 2g
Protein 20g
Salt <1g
Vitamins (mg)
Vitamin B2 410µg
Vitamin B3 5mg
Vitamin C 3mg
Minerals (mg)
Calcium 23mg
Iron 6mg
Magnesium 22mg
Zinc 2mg
Copper 520µg
Phosphorus 613mg
Potassium 232mg
Sodium 5mg

Nutrition per 100g
Energy KJ 1734 Kj
Kcal 414 Kcal
Fat 5g
of which:
Saturates 1g
Carbohydrate 41g
Of which sugars 28g
Dietary Fibre 4g
Protein 53g
Salt 1g
Vitamins (mg)
Vitamin B2 1mg
Vitamin B3 15mg
Vitamin C 8mg
Minerals (mg)
Calcium 66mg
Iron 18mg
Magnesium 62mg
Zinc 7mg
Copper 1mg
Phosphorus 1753mg
Potassium 663mg
Sodium 15mg

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