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During Sport - Energy & Hydration

At 33Fuel our speciality is strong & stable energy to power your best performance for as long as you need to go. Our unique natural formulas give you all of this with no stomach trouble and great taste

Our Energy & Hydration range is your go-to fuel for anything from hard and fast 60-90 minute efforts to the longest endurance events. Choose energy gels, energy bars, energy drink, or use a mix of all three.

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Chia Energy Gels are for when you need to fuel on-the-go, but are moving too fast for solids. Amore Energy Bars deliver mighty and tasty energy when you have time to chew and savour. They are also the perfect healthy snack for a busy day. Meanwhile Better Fuel Energy Drink is the ultimate in natural carb drinks for your drink bottle or hydration bladder when you're working hard and building up a thirst. 

Scroll down to explore 33Fuel Energy & Hydration products

  • 33 fuel energy gel1

    Chia Energy Gel - The unique, powerful & natural energy gel for longer efforts. When you need reliable energy on tap for efforts above an hour this is your go-to energy gel Made with just four natural ingredients and...

  • Amore-Energy_bar-33FUEL-Natural-Sport-Nutrition 0

    The 33Fuel Amore Energy Bar – delicious & satisfying natural energy, handmade in Italy. This is the perfect fueling partner to power your exercise. It's also the ideal healthy snack for your busy...

  • BetterFuel-33FUEL-Natural-Sport-Nutrition-1

    Better Fuel Energy Drink Blend, the ultimate natural carb drink - strong & stable energy for your sport when you're working hard and building a thirst Better Fuel is our unique natural formula for all the energy...