All about our ingredients

Creating nutrition that delivers a tangible performance and health upgrade and which does athletes and their training justice means sourcing the highest-quality and most nutritious ingredients available, regardless of cost. This is a long read - we use a lot of ingredients

The big difference next to an ordinary sports nutrition ingredients list is immediately obvious: everything below is instantly recognisable as food. It doesn't read like a chemistry experiment or sound like the ingredients in question should be in shampoo.

If you think we're joking about the shampoo bit, maltodextrin and sodium benzoate, two of the most common ingredients in ordinary energy gels, actually are found in shampoo. This is why when it comes to your performance, at 33 we always look to nature first. Not the lab. 

Cold-milled organic flaxseeds – the good fat cholesterol busters

Massively anti-inflammatory for excellent post-training or racing recovery, and full of good fats (including 400% of your daily heart-healthy alpha-linolenic acid), flaxseeds are one of the highest known vegetable sources of Omega 3 known to man. They also lower cholesterol

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Raw sun-dried Tibetan goji berries – the world’s most powerful berries

With more vitamin C than oranges, more beta-carotene than carrots, and 18 amino acids (including all 8 essential amino acids) goji berries rock. They are also powerful adaptogens, promoting immune system function and athletic performance.

Our gojis, sourced from the Himalayan foothills in Tibet, are the best there are. Do not confuse with cheap imitations.

Raw organic Brazilian acai berries – the ultimate antioxidisers

So full of antioxidants they make blueberries look useless, acai berries are also packed with potassium which aids muscle growth, busts stress and helps optimize your metabolism to extract the best from everything you eat. Seriously good for you.

Raw organic Peruvian maca – performance benefits on the field and in the bedroom

Low in fat, high in protein while also packing vitamin C and calcium, maca is an awesome physical and mental energizer that’s adaptogenic too meaning it helps your body adapt naturally to changing physical demands

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Organic spirulina – so powerful, you could live by eating nothing else

Being 60% protein, spirulina makes steak (a mere 22% protein) look pretty useless. Add high levels of vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin A (15 times more than carrots), calcium and Omega 3 & 6 and you’ve got the best single food source on the planet

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Raw organic walnuts - the King of nuts

A massive source of great Omega 3 fats, plus vitamin E for protection against free radicals produced by heavy training, a stack of B vitamins to stoke your metabolism and magnesium to regulate blood pressure

Raw organic Nicaraguan sesame seeds – tiny yet powerful

Great for your heart, full of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium to promote bone strength, and a great natural protein source. Ignore these little fellas at your peril

Raw coconut – more good fat than you can shake a stick at

Packed with medium-chain triglycerides for metabolism-boosting fat loss, raw coconut is also rich in dietary fibre to prevent blood sugar swings, lower blood pressure and relieve stress. It’ll also boost your immune system and is stuffed with essential minerals too. Well worth climbing a tree for

Raw Ceylon cinnamon – the health spice

Forget cinnamon buns, this raw stuff from Ceylon is the finest cinnamon in the world and is deeply powerful. Valued for centuries for its medical properties it’ll strengthen your immune system, regulate blood consistency, and is a major anti-inflammatory agent too

Turmeric – the holistic healer

A great detoxifier, turmeric’s full of essential nutrients including calcium, iron and potassium. It’s also a major anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which is why it’s long been a trusted holistic healer

Raw organic chia seeds – pure endurance fuel

Rich in Omega 3 for stamina and endurance, high fibre and a mood-booster too, Chia seeds also come with a big hit of antioxidants and are also anti-inflammatory

Reishi mushroom – one powerful mushroom

In Chinese its name means “mushroom of immortality”, while in Japan the government recognise it officially as a treatment for cancer. Rich in immune system stimulating polysaccharides, triterpenoids and specialized proteins that have stimulating effects on immune system function

Raw organic chlorella – protein/detox powerpack

With over twice as much protein as chicken, and stacked full of all the goodness of the best green veggies making it a powerful alkalyser, this seaweed is a detoxifying, fortifying gem

Raw sun-dried Peruvian Incan berries – high altitude heroes

Crammed with fibre (almost twice as much as dates) and good carbs as well as a decent hit of protein these berries also hit you with vitamin C, help alkalyse your body and maintain cell function

Raw organic cacao – antioxidant powerhouse

One of the most antioxidant-rich foods on earth, raw organic cacao is a superfood superstar. Rich in minerals it also fights free radicals and stimulates endorphin release

Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds – mood-boosting superseeds

Low fat, low sugar, high protein (25%), loads of essential minerals including iron and zinc and a stash of B vitamins – all in one nut. That’s before we get into their anti-inflammatory properties (strong), cholesterol-reducing abilities (powerful) and mood-enhancing strengths (happy). A mighty serious seed indeed

Coconut palm sugar – low-GI, high-nutrition natural sugar

Sweetness meets a nutritional profile that blows regular sugar out of the water and it’s low GI too. Oh yes, we like that

Organic raw cranberries – the original antioxidant

Much abused in endless sugary drinks where all goodness has long since been vaporised, real, unadulterated cranberries are still the bomb – tons of vitamin C make them an antioxidant legend while fibre, manganese and vitamin K complete the powerful mix

Organic barleygrass - alkaline superstar

Like wheatgrass, only better. Packed with energy this boosts alkalinity, detoxifies and helps slow down ageing – the perfect food

Raw green coffee beans – a chilled life essential

These raw beans are what coffee starts life as and are epically good for you, assisting blood glucose management, reducing blood sugar levels, promoting good sleep and protecting against heart disease

Himalayan pink salt – the purest salt there is

With no additives and containing the 84 naturally-occurring minerals needed for survival, this is salt as pure and natural as it should be and is a far cry from the processed crap filling the average salt shaker