33fuel coaches - hannal loiuse walshHannah helps women run their first ultra and discover the joy in the process. She takes an holistic approach to training to help her clients master her four key pillars so that they can take ownership of their goals.

Hannah loves to help runners find the courage to believe in themselves and chase their goals. She works with clients 1-2-1 but also runs her Project: Breaking 250. Project: Breaking 250 is a 9-month small group coaching program for women at any stage in their running journey designed to help them cross the finish line of their first multi-stage ultra. She believes amazing things can happen when women work together with a shared purpose.

Hannah is a big advocate for natural fuelling when it comes to ultras. Her favourite product from 33Fuel is the Amore Energy Bar saying "it has been a game changer in my training and racing."

If you are looking for support running the race you have always dreamed about, you are in the right place.

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