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Do you find your running isn’t improving despite running regularly?

Do drive past runners thinking "I wish I could just go out and run" but you lack the confidence and motivation?

Are you determined to hit your PB this year but need some guidance to tweak your running to find those marginal gains?

Do you keep getting injured and need help managing your return to form?

Having someone in your corner taking you through the steps - be it how to get started, or how to tweak your current training to optimise your goals - is empowering and game changing.

I am an empowerment coach who takes an athlete-centred approach. It all starts by listening to you. With a sound understanding of your personal story I can overlay all the knowledge I have gleaned from 8 years of coaching and racing to devise a plan best suited to reaching your goals.

I believe - and have experienced personally - how running can unlock all kinds of different facets in your life, be it physical benefits, a growth in confidence or in changing your view of what is possible. I truly believe running and achieving your targets in running can be a life changer.

Get in touch for a chat and let's see if working with me is right for you. I'm at Perpetual Motion Coaching. Find out more about my coaching services.

Kerry on nutrition
Kerry is all about natural fueling and has been a fan of 33Fuel for years, saying: "I absolutely love both of the bars. The Amore energy bars are easy to eat on the go, packed with nutrients and above all tasty. The protein bar is a brilliant mid-afternoon snack to boost my protein intake and the chia gels are my go-to for long days on the trails."

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