Mark's passion in life is helping people to not only achieve their endurance goals, but to really enjoy their training and become more healthy. By the time they get to the start line, he wants them to have the confidence to perform well but also be healthier, fitter and happier for all the training hours they've put in to get them there!
Mark has coached many athletes to complete Ironman triathlons as well as a British Age Group Champion in the 65-69 category! Mark is an avid racer himself, having competed multiple Ironman triathlons.
We have known Mark for years. Of 33Fuel, he says:
"I love 33Fuel's messages of supplementing your training and racing with natural real food products. Following a podcast I listened to featuring Warren discussing a wholefood diet and racing strateg, I completed my next Ironman using only real food and had never felt so good - I'll never have another gel in my life!
In particular, I love the Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes".

Secret triathlon training tips from Mark Ryan

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