In The Media

There's been a lot of this, here are some edited highlights

"33Fuel has kickstarted a revolution in sports nutrition" Vigour

“Love the gels” The Guardian

“Performance enhancers” Outside Magazine

“Pioneers of natural fuel” The Independent

“Superfood sports nutrition” Men’s Fitness

“All-natural energy” The Telegraph 

“Natural go-faster fuel” Cycling Weekly 

"Designed for a sustained energy boost" Runner's World

"Love the product" Bradley Wiggins

“Performance-boosting power with good taste, while avoiding any potential gut disruption” 220 Triathlon

"Nothing here to tie your stomach in knots" Men's Running

"Natural powerhouse” Metro newspaper

"Head and shoulders above anything on the market" Sportsister

"Best for all-natural ingredients" Runner's World USA

“For seriously effective nutrition... this is hard to beat” Health & Fitness magazine

"A winner" RunUltra

"A whole new way of fueling... we're hugely impressed" Running Monkey

"Markedly different and remarkably palatable" Cyclist magazine 

"The all-natural alternative to race fueling" Man V Miles


"We have never felt or performed better" Capo Velo

"Honest, natural and very tasty. Finally, products to look forward to tucking in to" Run247

"A big thumbs up. I love the products, I love the concept and I love the company" Anna The Apple

"Tailored for extreme endurance" Bikeradar