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Matt works with ‘everyday athletes’ to optimise their training, recovery and performance through realistic and effective nutrition strategies. Matt can also support body composition goals, as well as conditions such as raised blood pressure, diabetes and increased cholesterol.

Matt offers a one-off consultation if you are looking to problem solve and gain a professional opinion on things you may already be implementing or considering giving a go nutritionally.

Matt also offers ongoing nutrition support, which allows you to purchase support from Matt on a monthly basis. This service may be more suited to you if there is a race or adventure in the pipeline or if you are looking to alter body composition in the offseason or support general health and wellbeing.

Matt’s favourite supplement is Ultimate Daily Greens. He puts a one tablespoon in his smoothie each morning saying "It helps me increase the nutritional density of my diet in seconds".

If you are looking for nutrition support, you're in the right place.

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