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    Race Weekend Bundle

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Powerful Results
    • No Stomach Trouble

    Our Race Weekend bundle is perfect for anyone new to 33 who wants to discover what we can deliver, and for seasoned pros who love our products and need the ideal package for a hard weekend's PB smashing

    What you get

    Three of our Elite Pre and Post Workout Shakes (supplied as a selection pack of all three flavours, Original, Mocha & Cacao) so every core nutritional need is dialed in for the weekend. Use one for breakfast on race day, another for recovery after the event itself and the third as breakfast to smooth the comedown the following morning. No other supplements needed, perfect nutrition really can be this simple

    Five of our groundbreaking Chia Energy Gels so optimum in race fueling is looked after ideally giving you the strong, stable energy platform you need to perform - and keep performing. If you have any left post-race, save for future training or, thanks to their uniquely nutrient-dense profile, use as healthy snacking throughout the weekend

    Real food, a quick note

    These are handmade, natural products with no preservatives so shelf life is shorter than ordinary sports nutrition. To maximise shelf life on all of our products we produce everything fresh - expect a minimum of six months on everything in this bundle

    Elite Pre and Post Workout Shake Ingredients
    All Elite Pre and Post Workout Shakes contain the same 31 core ingredients in our unique Pure Endurance Formula™ for maximum nutritional benefit. We then add 2 bonus ingredients to create each flavour and deliver even more nutritional bang for buck. Original Flavour gains Organic Cordyceps and Organic Broccoli, Mocha Flavour gains Organic Coffee and Organic Raw Cacao, Cacao Flavour gains Organic Raw Cacao and Organic Carob.

    33 Pure Endurance Formula™ Organic Pumpkin Protein • Organic Sunflower Protein • Organic Flaxseeds • Organic Alfalfa Seeds • Organic Almonds • Organic Coconut • Gluten Free Jumbo Oats • Goji Berries • Organic Walnuts • Birch Tree Sugar • Organic Coconut Palm Sugar • Organic Sesame Seeds • Cranberries • Organic Maca • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon • Organic Pumpkin Seeds • Organic Sunflower • Blueberries • Nutritional Yeast • Organic Spirulina • Baking soda • Organic Turmeric • Organic Acai • Organic Reishi Mushroom • Organic Barley Grass • Organic Green Coffee • Organic Ginseng • Organic Chlorella • Chia Seeds • Beetroot • Himalayan Pink Salt

    Nutritional Information

    Typical values per: 100g 70g portion
    Energy 2054KJ/ 491Kcal 1438KJ/ 340Kcal
    Protein 24g 17g
    Carbohydrate 47g 33g
    Of which sugars 21g 15g
    Fat 26g 18g
    Of which saturates 7g 5g
    Fibre 9g 6g
    Sodium Trace Trace


    Chia Energy Gel Ingredients
    Organic Chia Seeds • Coconut palm sugar • Organic vanilla • Himalayan pink salt

    Nutritional Information

    Typical values per: 100g per Gel (21g)
    Energy 2266KJ/476Kcal 476KJ/ 100Kcal
    Protein 11g 2.3g
    Carbohydrate 56g 11.3g
    Of which sugars 30g 6g
    Fat 20g 4g
    Of which saturates 2g 0.4g
    Fibre 25g 5g
    Sodium 88mg 17.7mg
    Potassium 516mg 104mg
    Calcium 5.5mg 1.2mg

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    1. Hadrian's Wall

      Posted by Kev Hooper on 20th Jun 2017

      I used the pre race shake and it really set me up for the day, would recommend using a milk and not water.
      then during the race I used the Chia Energy gels, I used these during the Jungle Ultra last year and they never caused me any problems with my stomach so they were ideal for what turned out to be the hottest day of the year.

    2. Exactly what I've been hunting for

      Posted by Peter-Jan on 3rd Apr 2017

      Tired of fuelling my endurance adventures with either artificial gels or home-made shortcomings I've decided to give 33Shakes a try and I've been extremely satisfied both for a half marathon as well as a brutal offload Xterra triathlon yesterday. One gel pre-swim, one gel mid-bike section and one on the run and I was happily fuelled. I hydrated with Coconut water and was fine.

    3. Pretty good products!!!

      Posted by Unknown on 12th Sep 2016

      These pretty are pretty good and very healthy!!

    4. Best ever!!

      Posted by Max on 24th Jul 2016

      I already knew the chia gel, which is the best "gel" ever, but was curious about the 33 shake and it's everything i tought it would be, natural foods and gives a feeling after a long run that satifices you, all with superb product and best supplement company that needs a lot more attention abroad that they deserve. Thank you for being here to show it's not all about making lots of profit.

    5. Half Ironman - full nutrition

      Posted by Iain on 9th May 2016

      Raced Saturday and used shakes Friday, Saturday & Sunday for prep, pre race breakfast and recovery.

      Used the Chia Gels on the race (bike and run) along with a couple of bananas.

      Remained strong to the finish and no bloating for a pleasant change

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