10 Best Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts

10 Best Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts

Great Christmas present ideas are hard to find but fear not, we’ve dug out 10 of the best Christmas gifts for health and fitness lovers. Don’t settle for socks, say goodbye to soap-on-a-rope and ditch the deodorant gift boxes. Give great gifts this year

Christmas Gift #1: Kettlebell set

Probably the best piece of home-gym equipment, kettlebells can work every single muscle in the body and the variety of moves you can perform with them means you’ll never bore.

Get a set of three, ranging in weight from that which you can move solely with your arms to a weight which will challenge you to swing, or if you just want one to get started and are relatively new to strength work 16kg for guys and 8-12kg for ladies is ideal

Kettlebell buyers guide >

Christmas Gift #2: 33Fuel gift voucher

Top 10 Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts - christmas gift voucher

 Grab a 33Fuel gift voucher this Christmas so they can buy exactly what they want

A winner all day long, 33Fuel gift vouchers! You know they like to look after themselves and this voucher gives them free rein to choose for themselves from the finest mighty range of natural sports nutrition there is ;)

Shop 33Fuel gift vouchers >

Christmas Gift #3: Patagonia hoody

You can’t go wrong with a hoody and we’re huge fans of Patagonia. They give 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, source 100% organic cotton from sustainable growers and promote farming methods which support both farmers and the local environment.

Plus, they look epic and feel incredible.

Shop cosy hoodies >

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Christmas Gift #4: Coaching

Contributing to someone’s growth  - whether that’s athletic, business or emotional - is a phenomenal gift. By hiring a coach, you’re investing in their future and aiding their development. There’s a lot of great coaches out there, but we’d particularly recommend Thomas Endurance Coaching, Perpetual Motion Coaching, Energised Performance by Kim Ingleby and Hannah Walsh.

Christmas Gift #5: Plant a tree

Planting a tree in their name is a great idea and super simple. Just head to TreesNotTees and for the cost of two coffees you can name the sapling and make a positive impact into reversing climate change by planting a broadleaf tree.

Top 10 Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts - plant a tree

Give a tree this Christmas

Plant a tree >

Christmas Gift #6: CrossCore 180 bodyweight trainer

Suspension trainers utilise your own bodyweight to work your whole body. Like kettlebells, the range of movements is infinite giving you the freedom to focus on whichever group of muscles you want. There are some expensive brands out there, but the one we’ve linked to below is our favourite (we use it daily) because it’s sturdy and great value for money.

Shop bodyweight trainers >

Top 10 Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts - suspension trainer

A suspension trainer is a fab piece of home-training kit

Christmas Gift #7: Athlean X strength training plan

Generic plans are often just that – too generic. But these training plans from AthleanX I can vouch for personally. They’re cheaper than a coach, challenging enough to keep me progressing, and interesting enough to keep me motivated.

Whatever your athletic passion, strength training underpins high performance so buying a training plan from here will help your athlete on their journey.

Gift Voucher
Total Workout Bundle
Chia Energy Gel
Healthy Energy Bundle

Browse AthleanX plans >

Christmas Gift #8: Brewdog beer

No Christmas list would be complete without alcohol, so this is our recommendation. While their beers are super-tasty and the range big enough to suit all connoisseurs, we also love their ethos – they are really leading the charge for sustainable business and now operate as a carbon negative company.

Support their mission and give more than just booze this Christmas.

Give BrewDog >

Top 10 Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts - beer

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a beer, glass of vino or a glass of that 20 year old Sherry!

Christmas Gift #9: The Plant-Based Cyclist Book, by Nigel Mitchell

We hosted World Tour nutritionist Nigel Mitchell on the 33Fuel podcast in January 2020 and covered a lot of ground about how to perform like an elite on a plant-based diet.

Podcast: Improve performance on a plant-based diet

He’s since produced this excellent book in collaboration with GCN. To call it a cookbook would be an understatement – though there are excellent recipes – because it’s also packed with training and racing nutrition advice, health tips from the pro peloton and plenty of advice on how to maximise the power of plants for performance.

Get the book >

Top 10 Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts - ultimate daily greens

Another great gift is the gift of health – help your favourite people thrive this winter with a daily spoonful of Ultimate Daily Greens

Christmas Gift #10: Weight vest

A weight vest is a handy piece of kit to have around. It’s versatile and develops functional fitness. Hike with it, run with it, do yoga with it. Heck, just go about your normal day in it and challenge your body to keep up (it’s also a great tool to ‘hack’ the long run when you don’t fancy gong out).

There’s plenty of choice but this one from Decathlon quality and great value.

Grab a weight vest >

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