Coaches and Nutritionists

Teamwork makes the dream work. We're honoured to have connected with these top coaches and nutritionists in our mission to build a fitter future

If you're in search of expert coaching for your health and performance goals, this team has you covered.
Nutritional Therapist
Matt Gardner

Matt is a highly qualified nutritionist working with ‘everyday athletes’ to optimise their performance through realistic and effective nutrition strategies. He also supports body composition goals and management of conditions including raised blood pressure, diabetes and increased cholesterol. Matt’s 33Fuel favourite is Ultimate Daily Greens. He puts a spoon in his smoothie daily saying "It helps me increase the nutritional density of my diet in seconds".

More about Matt here and he also hosts the excellent Big Feed Up HQ nutrition podcast

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Women's Ultramarathon Coach
Hannah Walsh

A highly experienced athlete, Hannah helps women run their first ultramarathons and discover the joy in the process. A big advocate for natural fuelling, her favourite 33Fuel product is the Amore Energy Bar which she calls "a game changer in my training and racing"

Hannah's website is packed with great resources for runners looking to start their ultra adventure

Weight Loss Coach
Grant Breese

Working with athletes for over 20 years today Grant specialises in helping men in their 40s to better health and lifestyles with expert online and remote coaching. A serious cyclist he says 33Fuel products allowed him to take his cycling to the next level and unlocked his enjoyment as stomach issues he previously suffered disappeared.

More about Grant here or listen to him on the 33Fuel podcast

Elite Nutritionist
Nigel Mitchell

An elite nutritionist to athletes at the highest levels for over 20 years, we first met Nigel while he was head of nutrition at British Cycling and Team SKY following an introduction from Dave Brailsford. A fan of 33Fuel's Elite Meal Replacement Shakes he says, "I really like them, they are like nothing else out there".

Our podcast gives great insight into Nigel's wealth of experience earned from years working with the world's best athletes

Best Sellers

Running and mindset coach
Kerry Sutton

Rower turned distance runner Kerry delivers face-to-face and online running and mindset coaching to athletes of a wide range of ability, focusing on building relationships to understand her client's stories to help them achieve their goals using her experience as a coach and athlete. Kerry's favourite 33Fuel products are the Chia Energy Gels, "they're my go-to for long days on the trails".

Learn more about Kerry here

Performance Nutritionist
Will Girling

Lead nutritionist for pro Cycling team EF Pro Cycling, Will's worked with Tour de France cyclists at the leading edge of performance. He specialises in endurance sports, working with clients to change their body composition as needed for optimal racing and takes a holistic, whole-foods approach. More on Will here, and you can also enjoy our podcast with him here

Endurance Specialists
Thomas Endurance Coaching (TEC)

TEC specialises in coaching athletes remotely, providing the tools, knowledge and relationships to reach their goals. With a wide variety of individual training services each athlete receives personal attention, guidance, and support. On 33Fuel TEC say the products ensure every athlete can make "healthy and natural choices when fueling for performance or recovery"

More on TEC here. Listen to head coach Taylor Thomas on the 33Fuel podcast here

British Triathlon Level 3 coach
Mark Ryan

A highly qualified triathlon coach Mark's passion goes beyond helping people reach their performance goals - his job is only done if his clients start their big races more confident, happier and also healthier. On nutrition, Mark's natural all the way. "I love 33Fuel's messages of fueling training and racing naturally".

More on Mark here. Listen to him on the 33Fuel podcast here

Performance and endurance coach
Anna-Marie Watson

Elite ultramarathon runner and coach Anna-Marie is on a mission to encourage others to push their endurance boundaries offering training advice, event prep and harsh environments strategy plus ninja mindset tools. She loves 33Fuel's Chia Energy Gels, saying "they're an integral part of my nutrition strategy during ultra races, a universe away from ordinary sticky energy gels"

More about Anna-Marie here. Listen to her on the 33Fuel podcast here