About Us

At 33Fuel we craft powerful, natural sports nutrition for a performance upgrade you can feel. Our mission is simple: to build a fitter future and make the best natural sports nutrition easy, delicious and affordable for athletes and active people everywhere

About us 33Fuel founders

Because with ingredient lists that read more like chemistry experiments ordinary sports nutrition misses the mark. At 33Fuel we specialise in crafting highly effective natural sports nutrition products without compromise. 

The result is all the upsides of great nutrition - high performance, functional ease of use, great taste - without any the downsides that come with ordinary products from gut and stomach issues, to dental trouble, erratic energy levels, and more.

Our journey began as athletes ourselves where we learned about the problems with ordinary sports nutrition firsthand, suffering erratic 'spike/crash' energy levels, poor immune function and low gut health, slow recovery and too many bad race day stomach experiences to count. 

The more we spoke and worked with fellow athletes - from multiple world champions and gold medal winning Olympians to first time half marathon runners and new gym goers - the more we realised our poor experiences  were normal. 

So we began crafting a unique range of sports nutrition products that deliver the mighty benefits of nature's most powerful ingredients with the ease of use and great taste athletes and active people everywhere need.

We were thrilled when our hero Chrissie Wellington FOUR-TIME WORLD IRONMAN CHAMPION AND ONE OF THE GREATEST TRIATHLETES of all time joined us at 33Fuel  

Chrissie is wonderful. Inspiring and humanitarian with an admirable wisdom and a huge heart. We feel lucky to have her on our mission.

In Chrissie's words, "I started using 33Fuel's products and wanted to team up with a company that thought the same way as me - our philosophies matched"

If you want to give your body the best we're here to help and stand by everything we produce. If you're not delighted with any 33Fuel product we'll give you 100% of your money back. 

Erica & Warren, Founders, 33Fuel