About Us

We’ve been crafting award-winning natural sports nutrition since 2012 

Everything we do is lead by our Fuelosophy® for Performance, Health and a Fitter Future and all 33Fuel products live this, fueling your performance today, your health tomorrow and helping build a fitter future for you and the planet.
Always plant-based, delicious and with a focus on sustainability experience this Fuelosophy for yourself here. And to discover how we went from kitchen startup to global sales and supplying some of the world's biggest names in sport, read on.

Food First

Like many of the best ideas 33Fuel was born around a kitchen table over a good dinner with friends. It was early 2012 and having spent the day sourcing the freshest ingredients and cooking, it was during dessert as we were collectively bemoaning how bad sports nutrition was (all present that night loved their sport) that inspiration struck.

Lightbulb Moment

Why didn’t anyone put the same care and quality into making sports nutrition that they would for a great meal?

Sports nutrition fuels your passion, it should be delicious, amazing for you and enjoyable. Yet the market was dominated by ultraprocessed powders, bars and gloop that were about as tasty as cardboard, came with a long list of dodgy side effects and totally sucked environmentally.

Daily Improvement

So the next day, at the very same kitchen table, we had a go ourselves. Our early efforts weren’t all amazing (our first experiment with chia seeds was little short of a disaster in fact), but improvements came daily and as the products improved, so did our our own performance, enjoyment and health.


Friends loved what we were making so we took the plunge, opening a website. We built it in a long all-nighter and at 4.17am hit the ‘live’ button with nervous fingers before crashing out, exhausted. Waking up later we barely dared turn on our laptops. What if people laughed? Even worse, what if no one had even found our site?

We powered up a laptop and, hearts in mouths, went to the site.


We had orders, and as we saw them, more came in. Then more. By lunchtime we’d sold out completely and the orders still kept coming so we did the only thing you can when things get tough. We called our mums to help us make more.

Going global and supplying the world's best

Today 33Fuel serves thousands of customers in over 30 countries with a multi-award-winning range - every product uniquely 100% real food and never ultraprocessed - and we’ve supplied elite performers from the England Football team to Tour de France winners and multiple Olympians.

We’ve come a very long way from that kitchen table and our mums are no longer being called to help with production but our mission has never changed: to give you the best natural sports nutrition for your Performance, Health and a Fitter Future. It’s our Fuelosophy®.

Erica & Warren, Founders