Awards and media

We don't like to blow our own trumpet. Fortunately, lots of other people are already saying very nice things about us

Here's a quick selection of our recent wins and media reviews plus glowing words from some of the world's best elite performers
BBC Award 33Fuel Eroica 🏆

BBC Good Food awarded our Eroica XXL Protein Bar 'Best Protein Bar for Exercise', beautiful recognition of the work we do for taste, quality and providence as well as performance. Further afield Eroica also picked up a 'Best Protein Bar in Singapore' award

Health Product of the Year 🏆

Our Ultimate Daily Greens scooped Runner's World magazine's 'Health Product of the Year'. As they put it:

"A sustained source of all the good stuff you need to keep your body ticking over and to recover from rigorous training"

Four big awards for Premium Protein 🏆

So proud 33Fuel's Premium Protein has already scored four prestigious awards: 'Best Vegan Protein for Recovery' from Men's Health, 'Best Natural Vegan Protein' from Coach Magazine, a 'Best Plant-Based Protein' award from Runner's World and 'Best Natural Protein' from Expert Reviews

Eco-Heroes 🏆

So proud to be featured in the top 50 companies changing the sporting world for the better and right next to our business idols Patagonia too ;)

Best Meal Replacement 🏆

Winning 'Best Meal Replacement' with our legendary Elite Meal Replacement Shake against giants including Huel and Myprotein was a special day

Best Pre Workout Double Win 🏆

Adding to its win for Best Meal Replacent from Runner's World (above), our Elite Meal Replacement Shakes also scooped a pair of 'Best Pre Workout' awards from Women's Health and Men's Health Magazines

Running Fuel of the Year 🏆

Our mighty and tasty Amore Energy Bar scored big time in Runner's World's 'Best Fuel of the Year'. In their testers words, Amore "hits big on energy and flavour"

UK and US Awards for Chia Energy Gel 🏆

Having picked up a 'Best Running Gel' award from Coach Magazine in the UK, leading US sports magazine, Outside, rated our Chia Energy Gels in their 'Best fuel of the Year', calling them "performance enhancers"

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Professional Love

From some of the word's best

4x Ironman Triathlon world champion
Chrissie Wellington OBE

"I started using 33Fuel products and wanted to team up with a company that thought like me - our philosophies match"

Tour de France winner, Olympian & customer
Bradley Wiggins CBE

"You have the best products"

Captain, Royal Marines Cycling Team
Sgt Rob Lewis

"A breath of fresh air to look at the ingredients and not see a chemist's inventory"