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[RECIPE] Better Fuel shot blocks
This Better Fuel shot blocks recipe provides a great solution to your on-the-go energy needs. If you prefer the sensation of chewing during training and racing – or you want to easily track what you’re consuming – this is a great way of turning a low-GI, natural energy drink into an easy to consume jelly shot block
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[RECIPE] Protein Pancakes
Looking for a healthy alternative to sugar laden pancakes? You’re in the right place. These protein pancakes are healthy, tasty and pack a hefty dose of protein Ingredients 1 cup (120 g) all-purpose flour 1/4 cup (28 g) 33Fuel Premium Protein powder 1 tbsp baking...
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10 Tasty Veganuary Recipes
Veganuary is here! And while the uptake this year is as big as ever, many are stumped by what ingredients to use to make a tasty plant-based meal. Fear not, here's 10 tasty, simple veganuary recipes for you to try
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[RECIPE] Love 33Fuel Protein Chocolates
Yep, these 33Fuel protein chocolates taste as good as they look! Using raw cacao, 100% natural protein powder and wholesome nut butter, give this recipe a go and treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day Ingredients 1.5 tbsp almond or...
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[RECIPE] Raw Banoffee Pie
This banoffee pie recipe ticks a lot of boxes: healthy, raw and downright delicious. Using whole ingredients, this dessert is a real winner with the kids and provides a lovely post-training treat Ingredients for the base 215g whole rolled oats...
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