Sustainability is at the heart of our Fuelosophy® for Performance, Health and a Fitter Future and has been since day one

It’s why 33Fuel packaging is fully recyclable and 33Fuel products are all plant-based and vegan, it’s why we plant trees to help reforestation for all orders made and why we offer carbon neutral delivery as a free upgrade on every order

Sustainability World Firsts & Awards

Sustainability is why we developed the world’s first and only energy gel flip-top to avoid the problem of accidental littering, and why 33Fuel is recognised as one of the leading 50 companies changing the sporting world for the better

No Plastic Scoops

Sustainability is why there are no plastic serving scoops in any of our powdered products - all measures are in tablespoons and teaspoons instead

Plant-Based and Planet-Based®

Sustainability is why all 33Fuel products are Plant-Based and Planet-Based®, because without a fitter planet, there is no fitter future, no matter how fit we get ourselves. We are not perfect and we realise sustainability, like fitness, is a lifetime job requiring lifetime work - we will never stop taking those steps and doing that work