The 33Fuel Fuelosophy

Rethink the way you fuel. Award winning natural sports nutrition that’s good for you and good for the planet - it’s our Fuelosophy. Everything we do at 33Fuel is driven by this Fuelosophy and it’s based on three core pillars:

  1. Performance: we’re obsessed with giving you the most of this
  2. Health: and we want you to have as much of this, for as long as possible
  3. Future: we are always working for a fitter future, for you and the planet

Experience the 33Fuel Fuelosophy for yourself in our products.

This Fuelosophy is as simple as a hammer yet we believe it can change your life, give you more adventure, enjoyment and freedom, and help save the world.

Yes, we really did just say all that. Because when you compound simple natural benefits over time you create huge changes - Einstein didn’t call compounding “the eighth wonder of the world” for nothing.

The 33Fuel Fuelosophy puts the power of compounding in your hands. Each of the three core pillars have 11 elements making 33 in total (and yes, that’s where the 33 in our name comes from). Explore all 33 below:

Fuelosophy pillar 1: Performance

1. Fuel naturally. Your body will thank you for it - real fitness starts from the inside
2. Enjoy your fuel. Whether exercising or chilling always eat to enjoy
3. Enjoy your sport. Sweat with a smile often but remember recovery is where gains are made
4. Push. Get out of your comfort zone regularly, just not every session
5. Set goals. choose your targets, tell people so you can’t back out, then - shoot the lights out
6. Mix it up. Runners, get on a bike. Gym rats, jump in a pool. Yoga bunnies, hit the weights. More movement = better movement. Surprise your body and it will surprise you
7. Listen to your body. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired, drink to thirst and don’t fuel with anything your body doesn’t readily accept & enjoy
8. Master macronutrients (aka ‘macros’ - carbs, protein & fats). The big blocks of your fuel, Carbs fuel work, protein rebuilds muscle and quality plant fats deliver performance that lasts
9. Master micronutrients (aka ‘micros’ - vitamins, minerals, electrolyte, etc). The small parts of your fuel which make the big differences, these are nature’s superstars
10. Win the longterm. Make training, nutrition and life choices that benefit you tomorrow as much as you today. Fitness is a lifelong game
11. Life is training. Take the stairs, walk to the shops, lift luggage - it all adds up

Fuelosophy pillar 2: Health

12. Eat more Italian. Eat from fields and kitchens, not test tubes and labs
13. Live more Italian. Take time for you, for friends, for family, for love, laughing and living. Time is the one resource we’re all running out of. Make yours count (and look awesome while you do)
14. Eat more plants. Fruit, veg, nuts, seeds. You can’t eat too much of these
15. Eat fewer animal products. Evidence against these for health & performance is only increasing and plants deliver all you need and more
16. Avoid ultraprocessed foods. They literally shorten lives. Spot them by ingredients that read like science projects plus regular use of flavours, colours and/or sweeteners
17. Do vice right. Quality booze & (black) coffee can work in moderation, sex rocks, but cigarettes (and vapes) only belong in the bin
18. Talk brave. mental health matters. If you feel rough talking is where help starts
19. Sleep like a boss. 7-8 hours in a dark, cool room. Devices off. No screens an hour before bed. Pros add early dinners & regular lights out times
20. Add adaptogens. Natural compounds to help the body adapt to stresses, in life and sport
21. Add anti-inflammatories. Natural compounds to help the body reduce inflammation
22. Think healthspan, not lifespan. Lifespan is how long you are ‘alive’, healthspan is how long you are alive and in good health. Healthspan is what matters

Fuelosophy pillar 3: Future

23. Plant based is planet based. Animal agriculture is one of the biggest polluters while plant-based diets cut emissions from everything you eat
24. Rewild, reforest. Biodiversity is the lifeblood of our environment
25. Take small steps. The environment problem is big & complex. Don’t freak, just start. Then keep going
26. Travel light. Swap cars for buses, buses for bikes, bikes for walking. Less is always more
27. Watch water. Someone else might need it - where can you use less?
28. Plastic isn’t fantastic. The world does not need more plastic, removal at source is step one
29. Don’t be a sh*ker. No plastic protein shakers. Ever. See #28
30. Forget fast fashion. Choose conscious quality
31. Avoid packaging where possible (eg: supermarket fruit & veg), go recyclable where you can’t (eg: new bike in the post). And stay simple - fancypants packaging only wastes resources (and your money)
32. Never stop learning, share what you know. Life is growth
33. Shop sport smart. Natural performance gainers first, gadgets & gizmos (if needed) next. Whole foods, more movement, happy hydration, good sleep and training smart are always better fitness foundations than a new sports watch and yet another tank top