The 33Fuel Fuelosophy

We’ve been rethinking sports nutrition and crafting award-winning natural sports nutrition at 33Fuel since 2012. Everything we do is lead by our Fuelosophy® for Performance, Health and a Fitter Future

These Fuelosophy pillars - Performance, Health and a Fitter Future - are our DNA. Each pillar contains 11 principles making 33 in total and these form the manifesto that guides every product we develop and business decision we make. This manifesto ensures we live and breathe our Fuelosophy at every step - we’re proud to share it with you here.

1 Performance

1. We are natural. Everything we do starts and finishes with real food ingredients

2. We never waste a calorie. We take every opportunity to increase nutrient density naturally in every 33Fuel product for maximum user benefits

3. Great taste, enjoyment & function. Every product we make must taste amazing and be as enjoyable and easy to use as it is powerful

4. We spend the money on what matters. Our priority is what you eat and the results you get - ingredient and production spend always comes first. Everything else - marketing, advertising, office coffee, the lot - is secondary. This focus lets us spend as much as 25x more than ordinary sports nutrition brands on our ingredients while maintaining competitive prices for you

5. We master macronutrients (aka ‘macros’ - carbs, protein & fats). The big blocks of our fuel, carbs fuel work, protein rebuilds muscle and quality plant fats deliver performance that lasts

6. We master micronutrients (aka ‘micros’ - vitamins, minerals, electrolyte, etc). The small parts of our fuel which make the big differences, these are nature’s superstars

7. We enjoy our sport, sweating with a smile often but never forgetting recovery is where the real gains are made

8. Goals are good but goals and accountability are gold. We choose our targets, tell people so we can’t back out, then work to shoot the lights out

9. We listen to our bodies. We eat when hungry, sleep when tired, drink to thirst and don’t fuel with anything our bodies doesn’t readily accept & enjoy (see 1 and 2 above)

10. We win the longterm making training, nutrition and life choices that benefit tomorrow as much as today. Fitness is a lifelong game

11. We understand life is training. We take the stairs, walk to the shops, lift luggage - it all adds up

2 Health

12. No flavourings. We let nature speak for itself with the tastiest natural ingredients instead

13. We think healthspan, not lifespan. Lifespan is how long we are ‘alive’, healthspan is how long we are alive and in good health. Healthspan is what matters and our products must always fuel it

14. We eat more Italian. Real food from fields and kitchens, not processed nonsense from test tubes and labs

15. We live more Italian. We take time for us, our friends, our families, for love, laughter and living. Time is the resource we’re all running out of, we make ours count

16. We eat more plants, they always come first

17. We eat fewer animal products, if any. They always come last, often not at all

18. No ultraprocessed ingredients, ever. These are world’s junk foods and literally shorten lives. They have no place in our products

19. We do vice right. Quality alcohol & (black) coffee can work in moderation, sex rocks, but cigarettes and vapes only belong in the bin

20. We talk brave. Mental health matters, we know talking is where help starts

21. We sleep like bosses. 7-8 hours in a dark, cool room. Devices off an hour before bed

22. We push nutrient density, always asking ‘what else can we add’ to everything we produce for max taste, enjoyment and nutritional bang for buck. Nuts, seeds, adaptogens, and anti-inflammatories, we want nature’s best in every mouthful

3 Future

23. We are Plant-Based and Planet-Based®. Animal agriculture is one of the biggest polluters while plant-based diets cut emissions from everything we eat. 33Fuel products are always plant-based

24. We rewild & reforest. Biodiversity is the lifeblood of our environment, a portion of our sales always supports this

25. We take small steps towards big results. The environment problem is big & complex so we don’t freak, we just get moving. Then we keep going

26. We travel light whenever possible. We swap cars for buses, buses for bikes and bikes for walking. Less is always more

27. We watch water. Someone else might need it - where can we use less?

28. Plastic isn’t fantastic. Removal at source is step one

29. No branded plastic water bottles, proteins shakers or plastic serving scoops in our powdered products, ever - all measurements are in tablespoons & teapoons which everyone already has. See #28

30. We avoid packaging where we can, go recyclable where we can’t and always stay simple - fancy packaging only wastes resources and is often not recyclable

31. We choose conscious quality not fast fashion

32. We shop sport smart. Natural performance gainers first, gadgets & gizmos (if needed) next. Whole foods, more movement, happy hydration, good sleep and training smart are always better fitness foundations than a new sports watch and yet another tank top

33. We never stop learning. Life is growth