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Why Do We Hit 'The Wall'?
’Hitting the wall’ has been considered a rite of passage for distance runners, triathletes and cyclists for years, but the reality is it’s not necessary to experience it at all…The wall. No need to hit it, jump it, climb it or bust through it. Dial your nutrition and strength and you'll avoid it altogether
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Do I Need To Take A Greens Supplement?
In recent years, there’s been a surge in the popularity of greens supplements, touted for their numerous health benefits and convenience. But where did this "green revolution" originate, and what factors have contributed to its widespread adoption? Keep reading to...
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Coffee and Athletic Performance
A lot of unhealthy folks drink an awful lot of coffee, which is hardly an encouraging sign that coffee and athletic performance go hand in hand. But, used properly, coffee is a powerful - and tasty - tool in any athlete’s arsenal, particularly endurance athletes.
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