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Why Do We Hit 'The Wall'?
’Hitting the wall’ has been considered a rite of passage for distance runners, triathletes and cyclists for years, but the reality is it’s not necessary to experience it at all…The wall. No need to hit it, jump it, climb it or bust through it. Dial your nutrition and strength and you can simply avoid it altogether
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5 Benefits Of Pea Protein
You'll have noticed the greater use of pea protein within protein powders recently. While whey has been the go-to for so long, why the new trend towards pea protein? It’s obvious when you know how good pea protein is at muscle building and the myriad health benefits it also offers
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Cancer - How To Improve Your Odds
While cancer appears to strike at random – we all know a fit youngster struck down in their prime and a thriving 82 year old smoker – the most common causes are within our control. Improve your odds with lifestyle choices...
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How To Burn Fat
Fuelling long distance running, cycling or triathlon is a challenge. What and when to eat are huge pieces of the puzzle but knowing how to burn fat is the key to success. Here's three ways to get started
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Plant Based Diet For Athletes
Athletes focused on performance are fast waking up to the benefits of a plant based diet. There's some stigma attached to the plant-based movement, but all we're talking about here is consciously eating more plants and fewers animal products. Simple.
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