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Strength training with Brian Keane
Brian Keane is this week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast. Brian is a man of many talents: a strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist with experience in a huge range of sports and training methods. He’s now applying what he’s learnt about strength, power and smart training to endurance
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How Much Protein Do I Need?
It’s a question we’re asked regularly: how much protein do I need? Whether its to recover optimally, grow muscle, lose weight or improve health, protein requirements vary from one person to the next. So, the short (and frustrating) answer is:...
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Gut Health 101 with Ross Austen
On the 33Fuel podcast this week, we talk gut health, kombucha, fermented food and Team GB bobsledding with Ross Austen. Hear how lifestyle, diet and exercise impact gut health and what small changes you can make to create a healthy microbiome
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