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Top 10 Plant-Based Protein Foods
Ever wondered where a vegetarian or vegan gets their protein? Despite common belief, there’s a load of plant-based protein sources to help you build muscle if you want to avoid animal products. This list isn’t exhaustive, but here’s our top...
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Natural Flavouring: NOT 'Natural'
‘Natural flavouring’ doesn't always mean 'good'. Because just one natural flavouring can contain up to one hundred ingredients, selected from 3,000 different chemicals…When we hear ‘natural flavouring’, this is what we think of. Unfortunately, it’s far from it
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Post-Workout Nutrition: 7 Golden Rules
Training does not make you fitter. In reality it makes you less fit because if you’ve worked well you'll have caused your body to start breaking down. Do your recovery job well however and this is where the fitness is developed - nailing your post-workout nutrition is at the heart of this and these 7 tips tell you all you need to know.
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