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For Informed Sport and batch tested product for tested athletes the 33Fuel Clean Sport Assurance provides a simple food-first approach to natural performance giving you peace of mind when using 33Fuel in professional sport. All 33Fuel products are available batch tested - explore the range below. Download full details of our Clean Sport Assurance Programme here

Batch Tested

Clean Sport Assurance

Everything we do at 33Fuel is lead by our Fuelosophy® for Performance, Health and a Fitter Future. Ensuring our products do not contain banned substances for tested athletes is an important part of this Fuelosphy and a responsibility we take seriously

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Naturally Clean Performance

Thanks to 100% natural, unprocessed real food formulas, many 33Fuel products can be considered as food and so do not require testing for banned substances as there is no scope for contamination. Regardless, any 33Fuel product can be supplied batch tested as required

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Informed Sport

Our Batch Tested Products

Batch testing is needed when ingredients have undergone greater levels of processing. The only ingredients at 33Fuel that cross this threshold are the plant-based protein isolates in our protein products. All 33Fuel protein products require testing for tested athletes and all are supplied tested

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It works. I can notice the difference in having constant energy


By far the best nutritional product I have tried and well worth the cost


I have been looking for something like this for a very long time


With these I am sustaining training levels I thought had passed me by years ago

John Joyce

A great recovery meal, refuels me nicely and keeps me full for hours

Chris Turner

A real winner, active recovery from top quality ingredients. Will be placing a larger order soon

Tim Bateson

Taste is awesome and I really feel the difference when I take it for breakfast

Olivier Colinet

Makes me feel better mentally and physically, these really work for me

Iain B

Tasty, natural and easy on my stomach. Really keeps me feeling stronger


FAQ - Informed Sport and Batch Tested products

Informed Sport is a batch testing programme that screens sports nutrition supplements for banned substances. Products that pass this process are suppled with certification that the product in question has been tested and that no banned substances have been found

If you are a professional athlete and subject to testing, you require batch tested supplements where those supplements contain processed ingredients that have been processed to a degree that contamination could be possible.

Where supplements contain only natural real food ingredients and can be considered as food, testing is not mandatory.

Explore the 33Fuel batch tested range here

If you are not a tested athlete you do not need batch tested or Informed Sport products (see 'are batch tested supplements better?' below)

Batch tested supplements are the same products as non-batch tested supplements, there is no difference in quality. The difference is that the batch tested version has the certification needed by professional tested athletes (for more details see 'what is Informed Sport?' above). If you are not a professional athlete and are not tested for banned substances, you do not need batch tested supplements

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