Junk foods – what they are and why it matters

Junk foods – what they are and why it matters

Identifying junk food seems simple on the surface: fast foods, soft drinks and sweets probably spring to mind. You might think that’s the end of it, but there’s another culprit hiding in many of our daily diets: ultra-processed foods

In this episode of the 33Fuel podcast, Warren explores what junk food is and delves into a new system of classifying foods into one of four categories based on their degree of processing. Learn the difference between unprocessed foods, processed ingredients, processed food and ultra-processed foods and how to identify each.

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Junk food - Nova classification system conclusion

Consistent evidence accumulated by studies with different design undertaken in a great number of countries shows that the displacement of non-ultra processed foods [ie, eating less processed food] by the rise of ultra-processed foods increases the risk of obesity and several other diet-related non-communicable diseases and premature mortality

33fuel junk food - what they are and why it matters

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