Podcast 86: High performance cooking in lockdown

Podcast 86: High performance cooking in lockdown

This week’s podcast guest is high performance chef Rachel Muse. Chef to elite athletes including Premiership football players, Rachel is at the cutting edge of sports nutrition. In this conversation, she shares how to eat for high performance in lockdown

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This week’s guest is performance chef Rachel Muse. Rachel began her career in hotel and restaurant kitchens before travelling extensively cooking for wealthy families in the corporate world. On returning to England, she became a chef for a player at Southampton Football Club – her first foray into performance nutrition.

Nowadays - working in close collaboration with the club's dieticians - Rachel creates meals which meet athletes daily macro and micronutrient requirements to ensure they achieve optimal performance. Importantly, her food is not just healthy and performance-driven but also super tasty.

In this conversation, Rachel highlights differences between pro athletes and amateurs and how we can close the gap with simple, easy-to-action meal suggestions and eating habits.

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