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Eroica Protein Bar (6-bar pack)

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Powerful Results
  • No Stomach Trouble

Meet our XXL 33 Eroica Protein Bar - optimum recovery with 20 grams protein in every bar. It's the ultimate six-pack for your performance

Most protein bars are 70 grams or less with as little as 10g of protein. This is fine if you're flower arranging or knitting, but really won't hit the spot when you're training hard and are actually hungry.

Our Eroica is over 40% larger at a mighty 100g, contains 20g of protein and is packed with the highest quality natural ingredients for your performance and enjoyment. 

This is mighty recovery fuel and a delectably healthy all-natural training snack for powerful muscle repair. In Italian ‘Eroica’ means ‘heroic’ and that sums up this deliciously superpowered bar perfectly - recover like a boss, anywhere, any time.

  • Crushed fruit & nuts with 20 grams of the highest quality vegetarian protein per bar
  • Mighty. 100 grams and 409 nutrient dense wholefood calories per bar – no half measures here
  • Six double bars per pack
  • All-natural. Zero junk or manmade nonsense
  • Delicious. Treats your tastebuds as much as your performance
  • Based on an ancient Italian recipe used to fuel soldiers on long campaigns
  • Vegetarian and dairy-free
  • Handmade in Italy

There's a 17-year story behind these bars - read all about it here


When: Use after workouts for a perfect protein boost to aid muscle repair, or simply enjoy as a healthy protein-rich training snack 

How: Unwrap, and enjoy! Stash in your kitbag, kitchen cupboard and office desk for healthy & mighty protein snacking anytime

Eroica Protein Bar Ingredients
Almonds • Mixed candied peels (orange, melon) • Coconut sugar • Egg white protein • Rice protein •Natural colourant: caramel •Mixed spices: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Macis •Wafer paper: potato starch

Nutritional Information

Typical values per: 100g per Bar (100g)
Energy 1714KJ/409Kcal 1714KJ/409Kcal
Protein 20g 20g
Carbohydrate 43g 43g
Of which sugars 38g 38g
Fat 17g/ 17g
Of which saturates 1.47g 1.47g
Fibre 8g 8g
Sodium 181mg 181mg
Potassium 258.4mg 258.4mg
Calcium 86.57mg 86.57mg
Iron 1.11mg 1.11mg

Product Reviews

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  1. Absolutely delicious - can't believe its a protein bar

    Posted by Sophie on 26th Sep 2019

    This is the complete opposite of most artificial tasting protein bars. It's easily digestable during exercise (having the bar split in two helps as it covers my calories for 2 hours). I also served my mum one with a cup of tea and she thought it was just a lovely italian cake ; )

  2. Really satisfying, keeps me off the chocolate bars!

    Posted by John T on 19th Jul 2019

    Most protein bars I've had in the past leave me still feeling hungry pretty quickly afterwards which can lead to bad food choices on the go like chocolate bars, but this one is the opposite. It's really satisfying, I can pretty much use it as a meal when I'm really in a rush - and it keeps hunger away for ages so I don't end up making those bad food choices on the go

  3. Total quality

    Posted by Nicholas G on 15th Jul 2019

    From the ingredients and nutritional breakdown to the taste and packaging, you can see real thought has gone into this bar. What really amazed me though was that when I worked out the cost per gram the 33 bar was even cheaper than many of the ordinary protein bars I've had in the past. I won't be going back to them in a hurry

  4. It's big!

    Posted by harry cambie on 15th Jul 2019

    I knew this was bigger than a normal protein bar, but just how much bigger was still a surprise - putting it next to my old sis bars, they looked tiny! But size isn't everything, no point in having a huge bar that tastes bad or fails to live up to expectation. Fortunately, no worries like this here. A truly satisfying protein bar that hits the spot on all counts

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