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Grant specialises in coaching men in their 40’s to improve their health and lifestyle. He provides expert coaching in nutrition and training, highlighting lifestyle changes than can be made to bring about sustainable results without turning their life upside down.

Providing most of his services online including his “real world weightloss program“, his monthly membership and the very successful “Fit From Home” program means Grant has been able to develop a client network around the world.

I believe in providing an ethical, fad free approach to coaching dispelling myths and empowering clients to take control of there lifestyle, setting realistic sustainable goals

Grant is a keen amateur cyclist and spent many years trying to find his ideal training and racing nutrition, suffering for years with chronic stomach issues.

Of 33Fuel, Grant says "33Fuel proved to be the key to unlocking my enjoyment back on the bike without the stomach issues I suffered previously and enabled me to take my cycling to the next level”.

If you're approaching middle age and want to improve your lifestyle, get fit or change your body composition, we'd encourage you to speak with Grant.

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