33Fuel Crowdfund - FAQs

We're crowdfunding! Join our mission for a fitter future with the best natural sports nutrition

Our vision is to become the UK’s number one natural sports nutrition brand, making incredible natural sports nutrition easy, delicious and affordable for active people everywhere. Become a part-owner in 33Fuel from £10 and share in our success as we build the sports nutrition business of tomorrow - scroll down for next steps and crowdfunding FAQs.

 Erica & Warren, founders

33Fuel crowdfund founders erica warren

Why invest?

We are on a mission to create a fitter future and want to give you, our incredible community, the opportunity to share in our success as we aim to grow into the UK’s number one natural sports nutrition brand.

We are 'overfunding' - what does this mean?

The response since we opened our crowdfund has been amazing - we smashed through our initial target on day one! Because of this demand we've chosen to keep the round open a little longer to give even more people the opportunity to join our journey. Read more about overfunding here

Great investor rewards on offer

As well as becoming a part-owner in 33Fuel you’ll unlock investor rewards depending on how much you invest, from discounts and product packs to unique 33Fuel gear. And with trees planted in your name for all investments over £500 we've designed these rewards to benefit you as much as they benefit the planet - you can see them below

Tax benefits for investors - EIS tax relief

We have advanced assurance from HMRC for EIS tax relief for investors in this fundraise. This allows investors who are UK taxpayers to claim 30% of any investment back on their next tax return, and means there is no capital gains tax (CGT) for investors on profits. Read more about EIS here

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is where a large number of people back a business they believe in. We are equity crowdfunding. This means each investor receives a share in our business, which carries the potential to make a profit. We’re crowdfunding with Crowdcube who explain more about the process here

What are the next steps?

Check out our page on Crowdcube here. There's a short video introducing the investment opportunity as well as a full easily-digestible overview of the business and our growth plans. You can also ask questions in the 'Discussion' section and request access to our downloadable investment deck for more detailed information.

Make sure you click the star at the top of our pitch to follow our raise too - that way you'll get regular updates from us via email and can be sure you won't miss anything.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please invest aware
Investor rewards