Maca performance benefits

Grown in the Andes, the superfood maca was originally the preserve of the upper echelons of Incan society, consumed by only the elite and royalty thanks to its powerful performance benefits including increased strength, stamina and virility

Maca the mojo master

Perhaps its greatest claim, clinical research shows maca does wonders for sexual health. Whether its boosting libido, preserving spermatogenesis and improving prostate health in men or regulating menstruation, easing menopause symptoms and enhancing sexual drive in women, maca does it all.

Maca and the athlete

Strength and endurance. Two things which improve when you add maca to your diet.

One study of training cyclists showed that, after just 14-days consumption, time trial performance improved with no change in training. Another showed it aids muscle repair post-exercise.

Although it contains no caffeine, maca boosts energy so it’s great for achieving training consistency and the rich nutritional profile helps fortify athletes’ immune systems.

Wider health benefits of maca

Maca contains numerous vitamins and minerals which not only provide you with a healthy sex drive and improved physical performance, but it also:

  • Relieves depression – according to some, it’s as effective as antidepressants
  • Promotes skin health – applied to the skin, maca protects against the sun’s glare
  • Boosts red blood cell count – high iron content helps restore red blood cells
  • Improves cognitive function – it staves off age-related brain dysfunction

How to take maca

Maca tends to come in powdered form or in a capsule, and you only need a teaspoon per day to start seeing results.

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