10 Hacks For Health, Performance & Happiness

10 Hacks For Health, Performance & Happiness

Making big changes is hard, so in this blog we explore those simple, easy to action tweaks that over time compound to bring about significant gains in health, performance and happiness. And the best thing? They’re all FREE to capitalise upon right now, so pick a few from the list below and give them a go

Let’s get stuck in:

  1. Mindfulness. The practice of slowing down and developing self-awareness, mindfulness is about drowning out the noise of our increasingly noisy world and focussing attention wholly on the present. Out of 1,440 minutes available each day, this one takes just 10 but really will provide noticeable health and happiness benefits.

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  1. Hydrate. A super simple one but so difficult to keep atop of. Swap all soft drinks for water and drink to thirst. Keep a bottle with you throughout the day and sip regularly rather than glugging pints before bed (that never ends well). Add a pinch of salt or squeeze of lemon for electrolytes & alkalysing benefits
  2. Move. While there cannot be a prescription which works for everyone, aiming to hit 10,000 steps each day is a great place to start. Step counters are cheap and easy to use. Move often, particularly if you’re working at a desk all day. If you can’t get out and about, jog on the spot, do some burpees, walk laps of the living room or work on those squat jumps.
  3. Cut the booze. Remove alcohol completely for one week or if that’s too daunting, from Monday to Friday. There’s a tonne of reasons this will improve health and athletic performance.
  4. Reduce caffeine. Like alcohol, you could try cutting out caffeine completely for one week. If you simply can’t do without the taste of coffee, go decaf – just make sure it’s the healthy variety.


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  1. Earthing. Also known as grounding, earthing does sound a little woo woo but by kicking off the shoes and going barefoot in the park or garden you’ll make some health gains.
  2. Daily cold showers. The thought may be unappealing, but once you’re acclimatised to taking a cold shower, it’s honestly not that bad and, given the extraordinary health benefits, you’ll not look back. It’s the biggest free win for testosterone, hormonal balance, fat burning and more. Plus, it saves cash on the heating bill!
  3. Turn off Wi-Fi at night. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) scramble your brain, quite literally, and we are bombarded with them 24/7. Cut your exposure literally in half just by turning your phone and Wi-Fi off at night/
  4. Sleep. Sleep is the ultimate recovery for mind and body. Aim for 7-9 hours a night, making sure you’re in bed by 10pm to maximise pre-midnight hours. Think of it as a 'reverse lie-in'. Keep your sleep hygiene in check – this just means turning devices off and leaving them in another room, turning the Wi-Fi off, cutting light and sound as much as possible and keeping temperatures cool. Cool, dark and silent. To nail this one, you’ll also need to avoid caffeine after midday and blue light for at least an hour before bed.


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  1. The world's easiest intermittent fast (IF). While it’s not for everyone, it’s never been easier to give IF a go. Simply have your normal dinner by 7pm and don't eat again until breakfast at 7am. Bingo - one daily 12-hour fast nailed.

Granted, these ‘hacks’ are not rocket science and you’ll probably know of them all (except maybe #6!). But simply knowing about them means nothing if you don’t practice any of them.

Knowledge isn’t power. Action is power.

So, pick two or three you’re going to do this week and see if you feel any health, performance or happiness benefits.

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