Business lessons for sports performance with Charlie Reading

Business lessons for sports performance with Charlie Reading

Financial planning guru and Ironman triathlete Charlie Reading is this week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast. Immensely successful in both business and sporting spheres, this conversation delves into how Charlie applied lessons he’s learnt in business – including goal setting, mindset and strategy – to transform his sports performance

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Chartered financial planner Charlie is a busy family man and has worked hard to create a sterling reputation within the industry. But having spent years focusing on work, became dissatisfied with his dwindling health and vitality and committed to change.

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And boy did he make some changes! While still running a successful business – the Efficient Portfolio – Charlie took up endurance sports, clocking an 11-hour Ironman soon thereafter.

What makes this conversation particularly interesting is that – while so much content shares what sport can teach us about business and everyday life – today you’ll hear the business lessons that Charlie used to transform himself into a serious Ironman age group contender.

You’ll hear fantastic tips on business development, how to set highly motivational goals and what it takes to achieve your dreams both on the trails and in the boardroom.

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Show snippets – how business strategy helped Charlie run a great Ironman marathon

My Ironman marathon was just three or four minutes slower than my standalone marathon time, yet I was told I should expect to take a good 30-minutes longer during the Ironman marathon.

You always say within endurance sports ‘It’s not about the person that goes fastest – it’s about the person that slows down the least’ and the best analogy I can give you is this:

In business, I am a big believer in this 90 day cycle. I think you can set yourself a target for that long but any longer and you just start losing energy and enthusiasm. You need to put your head above the parapet and say, ‘what do I need to do for the next quarter?’. Setting one year goals in business is great but you’ve got to be revisiting them every quarter and I believe you should have a day each quarter to work on the business rather than in it.

And that strategy was the basis of my success on not slowing down on the Ironman run. I used a run-walk-run strategy and broke the full distance into short chunks and focused on one at a time”.

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