Elite Triathlon On A Plant-Based Diet

Elite Triathlon On A Plant-Based Diet

Elite triathlete Grant Sheldon has reached the upper echelons of his sport, having bagged multiple World Cup podiums and represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games. He’s also 100% plant-based. In this conversation, we explore how he fuels his elite triathlon performance on a plant-based diet

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We’re delighted to welcome Grant onto this episode of the 33Fuel podcast. Having placed in the Top 5 of World Triathlon Series events – the sport’s preeminent races – as well as competing at the Commonwealth Games, his physical and mental prowess is clear to see. What also intrigues us is his switch to a plant-based diet.

You won’t believe the catalyst that turned Grant to a plant-based diet in 2015 (hint: it involved a horrific bike crash!) and why he’s never looked back. You’ll hear how he fuels his training, meets his energy demands, recovers quick enough to train three times a day and his favourite snacks.

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Grant attributes his elite performance to a plant-based diet and there’s plenty in this interview for you to apply to your own training, racing and lifestyle.

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“I went plant-based for performance reasons. I wanted to see if I could get faster and recover better and be a better triathlete...I've never looked back. Would I have stayed on a plant-based diet this long, or this committed to it without those gains? Probably not!”

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