How to fuel like a pro | Interview with Eat Race Win's Hannah Grant

How to fuel like a pro | Interview with Eat Race Win's Hannah Grant

Hannah Grant, performance chef to world tour cycling teams (as documented in the Amazon series Eat Race Win), is this week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast. Whether you’re looking to fuel like a pro, are curious what the world’s best athletes eat for training and racing or are searching for tips on how to dial in your own performance nutrition, you’re in the right place

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We’re thrilled to welcome Hannah onto the 33Fuel podcast. Hannah is the protagonist of the excellent Amazon series Eat Race Win which provides a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a pro cycling team’s performance chef. It documents how Hannah sources ingredients, creates meals tailored for optimal performance and how she works alongside the riders of Australia’s Orica-Scott team.

There’s so much in this conversation, whether you want to eat cleaner, get leaner or take your athletic performance to the next level. We hope you enjoy!

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Show snippets – on why pro athletes eat rubbish

“It’s a difficult area to go into, but the problem is obviously this: all cycling teams are looking for a sponsor. Once they have a sponsor that will bring in not only products but also money that’s the one they will use! Dis-regardless if the products might not be very good for you, that’s what you have to use!

That’s the main problem. Also, if you as a rider are not very interested or educated within nutrition, if it says on the packaging or box that it’ll give you energy and electrolytes and so on, you believe it. You don’t take into consideration that maybe they haven’t thought about fluid absorption and sugar content and all these things.

I saw a lot of stomach problems with many riders”

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33fuel - eat race win interview with Hannah Grant

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