33Fuel Chia Energy Gel ingredients

33Fuel Chia Energy Gel ingredients

Our Chia Energy Gels are made with just four real food ingredients of the highest quality possible so your performance gets every benefit

33Fuel Chia Energy Gel ingredients

  1. Chia seeds
  2. Coconut palm sugar
  3. Madagascan vanilla 
  4. Himalayan pink salt 

And that's the lot. 

No unpronounceable rubbish, no synthetic chemical nonsense. Just powerful, natural fuel that delivers above and beyond expectations so you can perform awesome, every time.


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Get nature's most powerful ingredients on your side with our Chia Energy Gels and prepare for a major performance upgrade

Why are these ingredients are so powerful? 

Here's a quick rundown:

1 Chia seeds, nature's own endurance fuel

  • Great source of good fats, for strong & stable energy
  • Excellent source of protein and carbs
  • Help regulate hydration naturally
  • Powerfully anti-inflammatory for faster recovery
  • High source of antioxidants for immune system support
  • But once powdered, many of these benefits are reduced which is why at 33Fuel our chia seeds are always kept whole

For more on chia's phenomenal power, this post goes into deeper detail

2 Coconut palm sugar

  • Naturally low-GI (Glycemic Index) for minimal sugar spikes with maximum stable carbohydrate energy release
  • Excellent natural mineral source

3 Madagascan vanilla

  • Helps lower cholesterol, naturally
  • Anti-inflammatory for great recovery and immune support
  • Most of these benefits are lost in the transition from powder to vanilla extract. At 33Fuel we only ever use the highest quality freeze-dried powdered vanilla and never the cheap extract substitute

4 Himalayan pink salt

  • The cleanest and most nutritionally complete salt
  • Naturally helps hydration and electrolyte balance

Table salt is little more than a dodgy chemical experiment, sea salt sadly often contains trace elements of the many varieties of pollutants dumped into the world's oceans.

When you need salt and only the best will do, Himalayan pink is the answer.

33Fuel Chia Energy Gel, the most delicious, powerful energy gel there is. Buy yours today here

33Shake Chia Energy Gel ingredients


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