Build mental toughness

Build mental toughness

Build mental toughness: ignore those who say “you can’t do that”

If you’re looking for motivation in your endurance training or next challenge, a good point to remember is to ignore anyone telling you that you can’t do something. Often they have your best interests at heart and mean well, but what they really mean when they say “you can’t do that” is in fact “I couldn’t do that”. If you listen to them and don’t push for what you want, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

As an example, check out James Ellison, British Superbike rider extraordinaire. He smashed his femur and required extensive surgery following a huge crash just one month ago (July 20). The video’s below, it was a massive one…


The doctors rebuilding his leg (they had to remove a pin through it from a previous accident before they could even start work re-plating the leg) quite sensibly told him his season was over, but Ellison, who was at that point in with a shout of the top of the championship, decided to take that advice with a pinch of salt. Instead of accepting it and adopting a normal recovery strategy, he dug deep and found every ounce of improvement he could from specialists everywhere to recover faster. Think of it as marginal gains for rehab.

The result? He’ll be back in action at the Cadwell Park round this weekend less than 5 weeks after supposedly ending his season. Truly hard core. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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