Chrissie Wellington Ironman nutrition

Chrissie Wellington Ironman nutrition

Chrissie Wellington Ironman nutrition: the Queen of Kona talks food and fuel

Four Ironman World titles and never defeated over the distance, Chrissie Wellington is an incredible athlete. She’s also an awesome human being with a rare ability to translate her lessons learned winning world titles into wisdom we can all apply to our own training. At 33Fuel we are honored she’s chosen to join us, and in this video here Chrissie Wellington talks Ironman nutrition.

In just four intense minutes she covers:

1 Why the right nutritional choices are an ‘easy win’ in the quest for personal performance

2 Why what you’ve heard about pro athletes’ diets is ‘bullsh*t’

3 How your race nutrition should start a long time before the race

4 How your body is trainable for better and more reliable energy levels in endurance sport (for more on that subject check out this post on fat-adaption here)

Enjoy the video, and rest assured there will be more fun and wisdom from Chrissie to come!

Ready to make the ‘easy win’ with the right nutritional choices for your performance?

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