Meet endurance athletes' dream coach

Meet endurance athletes' dream coach

Head of Sports Science at Sufferfest and CEO of Apex Coaching, Neal is a former pro triathlete turned coach to world and Olympic medallists. In this episode of the 33Fuel podcast, you’ll discover why he’s every endurance athletes’ dream coach.

To say Neal is an experienced coach is a gross understatement. He’s coached pro athletes such as like Rohan Dennis, Taylor Phinney and Flora Duffy at a total of 27 World Championships and three Olympic Games as well as hundreds of age group and amateur athletes.

It’s no surprise he was named USA Triathlon’s Coach of the Year in 2017 and we’re thrilled he took the time to chat with us on the 33Fuel podcast.

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This interview contains so much valuable information for endurance athletes. Among many lessons, Neal shares three indicators he uses to identify the early stages of overtraining:

  1. If you do a max effort, like a 1-mile all-out effort, and the peak HR you’re used to seeing is suppressed by 5 or 6 bpm that’s a big indicator that you’re overcooking things"
  2. "If you have more than three days where your motivation is lacking (or your sense of humour fades!), that's another early indicator of overtraining. Most push through this but recognising it early can be insightful".
  3. "If two or three days off doesn't provide a rebound in energy and motivation, then you know you're in a deeper hole that needs addressing".

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