Maltodextrin and sports nutrition - a bad combo

Maltodextrin and sports nutrition - a bad combo

Maltodextrin and sports nutrition: how one ingredient kills gut health, promotes chronic disease, and depletes nutrient stores

Maltodextrin is the bottom feeder of the nutrition world. One of the cheapest and most ubiquitous additives in junk foods, it's long been the darling of the ordinary sports nutrition industry. It's the number one ingredient in ordinary energy gels and the number two - after whey - in protein powders.


maltodextrin and sports nutrition junk food

Maltodextrin's found in a lot of junk food, and in most ordinary energy gels and powders. How does that work? Short answer: it doesn't

Despite this there is - unsurprisingly - a LOT of industry-funded science telling you how awesome maltodextrin is, but as industry funding makes science four times more likely to deliver a result in favour of the funder’s product, most of this can be safely filed in the small round cabinet on the floor, better known as the bin.

Take a peek on the other side of the story and the evidence stacked against maltodextrin is rather like the dress in the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal. You can hide it under the bed all you like, but it ain’t going away.

We’ll open today’s batting with a statement from Bell Chem, one of the world’s largest maltodextrin producers who explain on their website how maltodextrin starves the body of nutrients:

“maltodextrin contains almost no vitamins and minerals to assist with turning carbohydrates into energy. Therefore consuming maltodextrin may actually reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body because it uses more vitamins and minerals than it brings into the body. Over time this can lead to a net decrease in a person’s vitamin and mineral levels”

Just so we’re clear:

The ingredient sports nutritionists are lining up to recommend athletes consume more of than just about anything else (maltodextrin) is nutrient negative. So just when you need to give your body the most nutrients - mid-race or post-workout - maltodextrin is not only giving you virtually none, it’s also robbing the ones you do have. Doh!


Short term this is about as helpful as someone tying your shoelaces together on the start line.

Trying to perform using maltodextrin works about as well as surfing without a surfboard

Longterm it’s a contributor to reduced energy, exhaustion, burnout and adrenal fatigue. 

As Fawne Hansen and Dr Eric Wood explain in the book ‘The adrenal fatigue solution - how to regain your vitality and restore your energy levels’:

“…refined foods (and some processed foods) rob us of vitamins and minerals. When we consume them our bodies are forced to use our own mineral and vitamin stores to aid in digestion… the net nutritional impact of some of these heavily changed and often ‘foreign’ foods can be negative”.

Maltodextrin: unhelpful for gut bacteria

Inside our guts we naturally have a ton of bacteria to help with breaking down foods for digestion and all manner of other good stuff. A growing body of evidence shows how maintaining the right balance of these natural bacteria helps everything from our ability to fight disease through to mood, sleep and stress levels.

Maltodextrin (and other processed sweeteners) destroy these bacteria leaving us more prone to illness and serious longterm health problems.

recent study by members of the department of pathobiology at the Lerner Research Institute in Ohio found that ingestion of maltodextrin, “contributes to the suppression of intestinal anti-microbial defense mechanisms [that’s gut bacteria to you and me] and may be an environmental priming factor for the development of chronic inflammatory disease.”

Maltodextrin: may also encourage chronic disease

Whoa, back up a second there! Not only does maltodextrin decimate gut bacteria, it may also be a primer for ‘chronic inflammatory disease’?

And what, exactly, is chronic inflammatory disease?

“Chronic inflammatory systemic diseases (CIDs) like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and many others are a burden to humans because of life-long debilitating illness, increased mortality and high costs for therapy and care”.

Thanks to the US government’s National Institute of Health for that snappy definition.

maltodextrin and sports nutrition inflammatory disease

Maltodextrin and chronic inflammatory disease - not speeding anyone up any time soon

Of course you could ignore all this

After all, maltodextrin is a legal food additive and can still legitimately be called ‘natural’ for now, because many scientific steps before it finally became maltodextrin in a lab, it began life as corn, wheat, rice or potatoes.

And what’s harmful about a potato? 

Other than when fired point blank at your ear from a potato cannnon (yes, these are a thing), not much.

But this is precisely the point.

Just as the potato cannon transforms the once innocent potato into a potentially lethal weapon, so the heavy industrial processing of corn, wheat, rice and spuds to become maltodextrin turns them into something more dangerous too.

The analogy breaks down here of course because the potato cannon is generally hilarious and harmless as long as it’s not pointed at your face, while maltodextrin is quite the opposite and simply wreaks a trail of havoc and misery wherever it goes.

Which is why at 33Fuel we’ll never use maltodextrin or anything like it because we believe sports nutrition should deliver powerful performance and powerful health. You simply can’t have one without the other

Want your sports nutrition without maltodextrin or any other cr*p?

Welcome to our world. At 33Fuel we believe sports nutrition should be awesome for your performance AND awesome for your health. You simply can't have one without the other. 

Our Chia Energy Gels have a unique and all-natural 4-ingredient formula for powerful and stable energy, with no stomach issues, no matter how long you're going. 

While our gamechanging Pre and Post Workout Shakes rewrite the book on nutrient density packing the 33 most powerful athletic superfoods into one delicious and handy shake blend to turn your nutrition up to 11 during your biggest training blocks and race weekends. 

maltodextrin and sports nutrition 33Fuel chia energy gel no maltodextrin

Powerful, delicious energy gel. No maltodextrin in sight. That's how we roll at 33Fuel


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