Podcast 69: How to race elite and keep your job

Podcast 69: How to race elite and keep your job

Meet Paul Lunn – a sub-9 hour Ironman and Top 3 finisher at the Ironman World Championships, Kona. On this week’s 33Fuel podcast, hear what it takes to race at an elite level while keeping your job

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Paul hasn’t always been an athletic beast. He was a smoker and led a pretty unhealthy lifestyle, but it’s now 10 years since he left that lifestyle behind. At his first appearance at the Ironman World Championships, Kona, Paul finished 5th in the highly competitive 45-50 age group. He returned in 2018 to take 3rd and we speak with him just days ahead of the 2019 race, where he hopes to continue his rise within the sport.

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33Fuel podcast: Paul Lunn show snippets – on preparing for Kona

Don’t stay in a hotel. Go for a house so you can do your own cooking”.

Stay with other like-minded people so you’ve always got someone to have a swim or bike with”.

Have a schedule. You’ve still got to be organised and you still need to get the training done”.

The time difference isn’t too much of a problem. We all crash out at around 8:30pm and get up early, so you sort of stay on that time zone. It works well”.

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