Podcast 81: Indoor Cycling Debate

Podcast 81: Indoor Cycling Debate

Is indoor training the key to achieving your best cycling performance or is it the work of the devil? This episode of the 33Fuel podcast brings together bike fit experts Jules and Phil from CycleFit to discuss the indoor cycling debate

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Expert bike-fitters Phil and Jules joined forces 22 years ago to create CycleFit, with the mission to create the country’s premier bike fit business. They’ve amassed a huge wealth of experience and work with everyone from professional World Tour teams to keen amateurs. They are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about cycling culture, history and equipment and training developments.

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For this episode, we all sat down to chew over the merits (or otherwise) of indoor cycling. What’s interesting is their totally opposing views on the topic: Phil firmly believes indoor training has no place in the world of cycling while Jules believe it’s a crucial tool to maximise potential.

We hope you enjoy this fascinating, humorous and informative discussion.

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33Fuel podcast show snippets – pros and cons of indoor bike training

Pros of indoor bike training (mainly according to Jules):

As an older gentleman, you must keep exercising consistently. You either use it or you lose it. To fit an hour’s cycle into my schedule, the turbo trainer is the best way. I don’t go out training in the dark at night so it’s the best way to do it.

The benefits of training indoors are simply better than commuting along busy, traffic-strewn roads.

Cons of indoor bike training (predominantly from Phil):

If you’re training to race a bike, then you need to ride outside.

The beauty of cycling is about the endorphins of being outside, amongst the trees and talking to your friends. Cycling couldn’t be less about being a hamster on a wheel in a sweaty basement. I simply think it’s ultimately destructive on every level.

Indoor training makes us chase meaningless metrics. We’re all after a higher FTP, but rarely does the person with the highest FTP win a race”.

indoor cycling debate

If you agree with Jules that dabbling in indoor training will pay dividends, make sure you’re replacing minerals lost through sweat with an energy drink like Better Fuel – high in naturally occurring electrolytes

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