Proper Cycling Endurance Nutrition

Proper Cycling Endurance Nutrition

Maintaining the proper endurance nutrition during a strenuous cycling event is incredibly difficult if there is no frame of reference. As your body begins to burn through fuel it begins to pull fuel from stored energy reserves. When those reserves are used up, lactic acid begins to build within the musculature. This phenomenon is known as “hitting the wall”. For competitive cyclists, “hitting the wall” is not an option. So how do these extreme athletes stay energized during events? The answer is through proper endurance nutrition techniques.

All competitive cyclists follow a pretty strict routine when it comes to endurance nutrition. When they fall out of habit, or try to circumvent their routine, their performance suffers. Endurance nutrition is important and here are some of the ways to ensure that performance does not falter due to insufficient calories:

  • Hydration: Staying hydrated is the key to energy. Dehydration can cause an individual to feel lethargic and overall performance will inevitably suffer.
  • Cycle Carbs: The few days before the event meals should be high-protein, low fiber. Too much fiber in the days leading up to a race will mean that you will need to get rid of the waste during the event.
  • Proper Food: Carbohydrates the day before the event are a must. Carbohydrates are what will provide energy throughout a ride. Remember to drink fluid the week leading up to the event. Eat sparingly on the morning as to not cause gastrointestinal distress.
  • Day of Preparation: Drink plenty of water during the race. Bring a few 33Fuel Chia Energy Gels with you because you will need to eat every few hours.

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