Podcast 72: Lessons from 1,046 marathons with Rory Coleman

Podcast 72: Lessons from 1,046 marathons with Rory Coleman

We’re delighted to welcome Rory Coleman onto this week’s episode of the 33Fuel podcast. To date, Rory has run 1,046 marathons – 254 of which were ultramarathons – 15 Marathon des Sables and owns 9 World Records. But life spiralled when, in 2016, Rory was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder.

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It’d be remiss to think of Rory as some otherworldly being. He’s not. He’s overcome huge obstacles in life and is an great example of how we’re all in control of our destiny. Indeed, on leaving school, Rory’s life quickly spiralled into a haze of booze and smoking.

Aged 30 and full of self-loathing, he was an overweight alcoholic and decided to make a change. Despite his astonishing physical feats, he considers being dry for 25 years his greatest achievement. Having battled through a rare autoimmune disorder in 2016, Rory took charge of his destiny and has made an incredible comeback.

Rory is a now a performance life coach who has had a profound impact on many. From first time marathoners to elite athletes and Blue Chip CEOs, Rory guides anyone in search of their best performance.

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33Fuel podcast: Rory Coleman show snippets – on how to start a journey towards a happier, healthier you

Focus on just being better. You might be 6 foot 3 and 100kg, but if you start running immediately, you’ll get injured. Start walking and just work on being better each day.

Make some simple dietary changes. You’ll lose some weight and receive validation from others saying how great you look.

Get accountability. [Using a coach] is an investment. You don’t want to fail yourself or your coach. It’s really powerful.

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