Training For Endurance Sport - Bad Grandpa Knows Best

Training For Endurance Sport - Bad Grandpa Knows Best

Training for endurance sport – marathon, triathlon, sportive, ultra – is all-consuming. We focus on the race, the session and our immediate goals

But if we look longer term, the picture shifts. Because while small improvements and gains can be had in the short term, they're all just stepping stones on the way to serious, sustainable life changes. 

The real changes we effect in ourselves and our fitness are longterm. Look back to last week and you won't feel like you've improved much, but look back five years and we bet you'll see major differences.

The short term sports nutrition angle is the one the industry wants you to take - buy product X now for 'instant results'. 

Look at these claims and they're attractive, but baseless. Anyone who's done any real training knows there's no such thing as instant results, only fractional improvements, compounded over time to produce great change. 

What these products are really selling instead is the fast hit of cheap sugar or other fillers. 

As an example, protein products are notorious for containing as much as double their labeled sodium content as it produces the appearance of rapid gains which are in fact water retention.

Just as these 'gains' are no more than empty bloating and come with a disappointing letdown, so the 'immediate energy' of cheap sugars comes with a host of unpleasant side effects starting with a sudden energy crash, followed by stomach irritation, decreased immune function, and increased acidity which will impact recovery.

Short term, you saw a small 'gain'. 

Longterm all you've been left with is a hole in your wallet, reduced performance and the beginnings of an impact on your performance and health. 

Training for endurance sport - think longterm for real benefits

The longterm view is everything when it comes to serious performance and kickass health because you can't have one without the other

Continue down the short-term road, and you're not going to be active longterm because those debts are going to get called in as you've been writing cheques your body can't cash.

For real gains, and sustainable performance you need serious nutrition that not only fuels your goals now, but that fuels your health and ongoing performance deep into the future. This means real food. 

We're talking tons of green veg, buckets of water and plenty fruit and nuts. To really turn things up to 11, add superfoods, nature's all-powerful sports nutrition superstars and the only ingredients we use in our products, all selected for their potent endurance-boosting properties. 

We do not, and never will, promise immediate gains as these are as impossible as flying unicorns. Although if you want to believe this b*llocks every other sports nutrition company out there will gladly take your money ;)

But if you want to take a real steps towards serious longterm development, drop by and check us out

When we met ex-Special Forces ace David Blakeley, he shared some great wisdom:

"What’s happened even two seconds ago we can’t change but what’s happening ahead we do have the power to change so its about not getting caught up in the negative things in your past but instead pushing forwards."

You can't un-eat the junk of the past, but you can make a conscious decision to clean things up moving on.

For proof positive it's never too late to make a big change, check out Bad Grandpa Robert below. 64 years young, he didn't even start working out until he was 55 and here he is, nine years later, happily smashing a session that would leave most folks half his age in a sweaty, mumbling heap on the floor. 

Rock on Bad Grandpa, we doff our caps!

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