What does endurance sport mean to you?

What does endurance sport mean to you?

Think endurance sport and what comes to mind?


Marathon running? Ultras? Maybe a spot of long-distance triathlon? Or even a bloody long bike ride?

Many things, but probably not carrying a massive pantomine horse about in front of the Queen though?

No, we thought not. 

Yet as it turns out, carrying a whopping great horse about on stage while Her Majesty watched on, is indeed a great feat of endurance and one we are proud to have supported. 

When we started 33Fuel the mission was clear - deliver endurance nutrition that does justice to the work endurance athletes put in. Products that are natural, powerful, taste great and perform brilliantly. As endurance athletes ourselves, this was the Holy Grail we'd failed to find anywhere despite years of searching, and so we made our own.

We've now had the pleasure of hearing from runners, riders, swimmers and multisport endurance athletes, elite and amateur, around the world who've used our products to race faster, race stronger and recover faster. 

We're also learning about some of the more leftfield applications for our products, applications we could never have dreamed of when we started 33Fuel back in 2012. 

Enter stage left (literally) Darren Cockrill who dropped us a line recently which involved the aforementioned horse/stage/Queen combo. We'll let Darren take up the story here:

"I've been buying your shakes for over a year. I originally found out about them through an article on endurance sport, something I am yet to begin. Why then do I need your products?

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"Because I was lucky enough to land a role as a puppeteer in the National Theatre's production of War Horse - an extremely physical job that requires focus, strength and stamina.

"The horse 'puppet' weighs eight stone (50kg), and is carried between two people throughout the 2.5 hour show. The horse runs, rears, trots and gallops about the stage all this time and even carries actors, adding an extra thirteen stone (82kg).

<>"It's a job that requires extra calorie intake and my absolute favourite treat before a show is one of your Pre and Post Workout Shakes. These give me all the energy I need, never make me feel bloated and taste amazing. They are light and nutritionally dense so I won't be carrying around extra weight.

"Thanks for being amazing and here's a photo of me with the Queen. I'd had a shake that morning of course. I'm the one in the middle pulling the silly face..."


endurance sport


Darren Cockrill carries his hefty horse as the Queen looks on impressed. One is most impressed

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