Winter training tools

Winter training tools

Our pick of the best winter training tools

Winter doesn’t have to mean hiding under the duvet, with our pick of the best winter training tools you can power through winter without missing a beat. With more darkness, more crappy weather and more inertia to overcome full stop, the winning key to any winter training tool is that it’s ready when you are and isn’t weather dependent which is why our three top picks are all free and available on your smartphone. Let’s get to it.

1 Global Cycling Network’s online spin classes

With a wide range of options from flat out HIIT sessions via strength and power ones, right the way to cooldowns, GCN have got it going on. With clear instruction, great graphics, and a class full of folks suffering with you to boot, these classes nail online spinning and have enough variety to merrily get you through a ton of indoor cycling this winter. Check GCN’s training videos out here.


2 DoYogaWithMe’s online yoga classes

Yoga rocks – in one 20-40 minute dose you can bag a great hit of stretching, strengthening, balance work, form improvement, core strength and all over injury prehab. If yoga’s not part of your training regime, you’re missing a trick. 

Trouble is, yoga normally also involves racing across town to reach a packed studio at the start or end of your day. Hard in summer, all but impossible in winter. 

Which is where DoYogaWithMe comes in – they provide a huge array of online yoga classes for all levels which are as professionally taught as the best classes around. Fire the laptop or phone up in the lounge and you’re ready to rumble, no travel needed.

3 Meditation with Headspace

What the heck has meditation got to do with training? 

Quite a lot as it happens – after all, in endurance our mind is our biggest weapon but it can also be our biggest enemy. 

So train yours into a zen-like state of focus and presence to get more out of your training and your life with Headspace’s app for your smartphone, and put your winter downtime to good use in just 10 minutes a day. 

The first 10 sessions are free and you can do them as often as you like, or you can sign up for a paid plan to access more sessions. 

The best bit? This is all the power of meditation, without the incense and tie-die wearing types who can make it a bit inaccessible for the less hippy-minded among us. More at


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