33Fuel Marathon Training Bundle
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Marathon Training Bundle

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Powerful Results
  • No Stomach Trouble

Marathon runners, meet your perfect marathon training nutrition package with everything you need for peak performance to reach race day fast & strong 

What you get & how to use

  • 1 x Premium Protein With 20g of the highest quality protein per serving this is the quickest and tastiest way to max out your recovery after those training runs. Simply mix with water, milk or add to smoothies. One pack contains 14 servings 
  • 1 x Ultimate Daily Greens An awesome wholefood diet is at the heart of optimal training consistency and results, but sometimes there simply isn't time to make that a reality every day. This is where our power-packed Greens come in - add just one spoon to a glass of water daily to give your nutritional baseline a huge boost, no matter what the rest of the day has in store. One pack contains 30 servings
  • 20 x Chia Energy Gels The ultimate on-the-go fuel for distance runners. Our unique and natural 4-ingredient formula developed in Europe's toughest endurance races, is designed specifically to deliver the strong and stable energy levels essential to great running. No sugar spikes, no energy troughs, just sustained - and delicious - energy. All with no stomach trouble, this is your go-to fuel for every long run 20 servings
  • 3 x Elite Pre and Post Workout Shakes Packing the 33 most powerful athletic superfoods in nature into one delicious Shake blend, these are the nutritional ultimate for high performance, as used by the world's best including multiple Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington and Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins. Use after your biggest runs for optimal recovery, these deliver the most targeted hit of beneficial nutrients when your body needs them most. Your Shakes will be supplied as a selection pack of all three flavours, Original, Mocha & Cacao

Oh, and did we mention all this comes with a £15 saving on buying the same products individually? Because it does

What should I use on race day?

If you have enough product remaining in your bundle then use that, and If you need a topup one of our Race Weekend Bundles is what you need. This will sort you out a treat with 3 x Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes and 5 x Chia Energy Gels.

  • Use one Elite Pre & Post Workout Shake to power up your race day breakfast and set you up nutritionally for the big event, use another post-race to kickstart recovery like a pro, and use the third at breakfast the morning after race day to further speed recovery and ease post-race soreness.
  • Use the Chia Energy Gels throughout your race for powerful, stable energy to run fast, strong and happy. Warning: a smug glow as you speed past less savvy runners using ordinary gels who are gagging, staggering and bonking in the closing miles comes as standard with every one of these ;)

Additional race day note: due to the uniquely powerful macro and micro nutrient content of our Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes, there is no need for additional use of either Ultimate Daily Greens or Premium Protein when using the Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes on race day

Real food, a quick note

These are handmade, natural products with no preservatives so shelf life is shorter than ordinary sports nutrition. To maximise shelf life on all of our products we produce everything fresh - expect a minimum of six months on everything in this bundle 

Elite Pre and Post Workout Shake Ingredients
All Elite Pre and Post Workout Shakes contain the same 31 core ingredients in our unique Pure Endurance Formula™ for maximum nutritional benefit. We then add 2 bonus ingredients to create each flavour and deliver even more nutritional bang for buck. Original Flavour gains Organic Cordyceps and Organic Broccoli, Mocha Flavour gains Organic Coffee and Organic Raw Cacao, Cacao Flavour gains Organic Raw Cacao and Organic Carob.

33 Pure Endurance Formula™ Organic Pumpkin Protein • Organic Sunflower Protein • Organic Flaxseeds • Organic Alfalfa Seeds • Organic Almonds • Organic Coconut • Gluten Free Jumbo Oats • Goji Berries • Organic Walnuts • Birch Tree Sugar • Organic Coconut Palm Sugar • Organic Sesame Seeds • Cranberries • Organic Maca • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon • Organic Pumpkin Seeds • Organic Sunflower • Blueberries • Nutritional Yeast • Organic Spirulina • Baking soda • Organic Turmeric • Organic Acai • Organic Reishi Mushroom • Organic Barley Grass • Organic Green Coffee • Organic Ginseng • Organic Chlorella • Chia Seeds • Beetroot • Himalayan Pink Salt

Nutritional Information

Typical values per: 100g 70g portion
Energy 2054KJ/ 491Kcal 1438KJ/ 340Kcal
Protein 24g 17g
Carbohydrate 47g 33g
Of which sugars 21g 15g
Fat 26g 18g
Of which saturates 7g 5g
Fibre 9g 6g
Sodium Trace Trace


Chia Energy Gel Ingredients
Organic Chia Seeds • Coconut palm sugar • Organic vanilla • Himalayan pink salt

Nutritional Information

Typical values per: 100g per Gel (21g)
Energy 2266KJ/476Kcal 476KJ/ 100Kcal
Protein 11g 2.3g
Carbohydrate 56g 11.3g
Of which sugars 30g 6g
Fat 20g 4g
Of which saturates 2g 0.4g
Fibre 25g 5g
Sodium 88mg 17.7mg
Potassium 516mg 104mg
Calcium 5.5mg 1.2mg

Product Reviews

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  1. Training nutrition sorted

    Posted by Carl T on 6th Feb 2019

    Love this, everything I needed for my marathon training in one package. Added a race weekend bundle when the race day came around and had my best race yet. Thanks guys for making training and race nutrition easy so i could focus on my running knowing my nutrition was in place

  2. Marathon fuel

    Posted by Duncan on 30th May 2016

    Having struggled with marathon nutrition in the past I found this bundle invaluable in both training and on race day, helping me to a new PB!

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