How To Be A Successful Affiliate


33Fuel Affiliate program

Tools to succeed with the 33Fuel Affiliate Programme

1. Use the Rule of Seven

The Rule of Seven quite simply states that it takes an average of seven interactions before most people purchase any new product for the first time. Sure some will buy from your first post, but sales - and your commission! - will really begin to flow as you reach 10 posts and beyond.

Your followers know and trust you and every time you post about 33Fuel, more and more of them will be one step closer to a purchase for them and commission for you.

2. Share your custom link, not your code

Your custom link gives you maximum commission opportunity and is the easiest way for your followers to get their discounts as these are automatically applied without them having to remember the code. Custom links can track all activity from anyone who clicks on them for 30 days so even if followers purchase in this period by coming to directly, you always earn your commission.

3. Use great images - here’s a selection to get started

A picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve got a great selection here for all 33Fuel products to get you started and will keep this library regularly updated.

4. The 33Fuel Mission - our Fuelosophy®

The 33Fuel Fuelosophy has three pillars - Performance, Health and a Fitter Future. These are the heart of everything that makes 33Fuel different and it’s why 33Fuel products help active people everywhere enjoy their sport more.

To help you get more familiar with the 33Fuel Fuelosophy, here's some bedtime reading for you:

Learn about our products
Check out the awards we've won

5. Consistency is king

Post consistently and you’ll be amazed to see your commission keep growing!

Happy posting and here’s to a Fitter Future!