33fuel coaches - anna marie watsonAnna-Marie has been diagnosed with a severe ultra-running habit and can usually be found searching for the perfect trail. Her first foray into ultra-running was the CCC (2008) where she narrowly scrapped through every check point with minutes to spare. Fast forward to 2017 she successfully completed the UTMB placing 7th lady, 5th Brit and in the top 100.

Anna-Marie is on a mission through her coaching business Reach for More to encourage others achieve more at work and life one step at a time. Whether it's your first trail race, an ultra or a multi-stage challenge, Anna-Marie offers training programmes, specialist advice around event preparation in harsh environments - specialising in Marathon des Sables, Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc, and ninja mindset race strategies. If you’ve got a tiny voice inside softly whispering, “I wonder if I could do an ultra,” listen to it. Dream, research, plan, train and prepare.

Over the last ten years she’s combined her two key passions in life; ultra-running and exploring the power of the mind in a quest for peak performance. Self-certified fair weather athlete she’s happier in toasty temperatures and prefers sunshine racing taking part in the Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura (2017) 1st lady, Marathon des Sables (2015 and 2018) 2nd and 5th lady respectively, Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT) Cappadocia Ultra (2016) 1st lady and Oman by UTMB (2019) 1st lady.

Anna-Marie on 33Fuel's chia energy gels

"The chia seed pouches pack a powerful punch. After a chance discovery during Marathon des Sables when my tent mate kindly donated a chia seed gel before the notorious long stage which was a complete life saver these have become an integral part of my nutrition strategy during ultra races. This new concept to the “gel" world is a universe away from classic sticky sugar-packed gels where the combination of four natural ingredients is refreshingly simple. My absolute favourite combination is to mix it up with a shot of coffee for that additional caffeine hit which injected an energy boost during the Lavaredo ultra recently"

Anna-Marie on 33Fuel's Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes

"The elite pre & post workout shake is a veritable smorgasbord of natural ingredients crammed full of goodies to fuel the body. It’s a pure novelty opening the sachet to discover you can actually recognise the ingredients as opposed to a mound of sugary floury powder. I’m a big fan of mixing it up with milk straight up or blitzing it with a banana & yogurt for thicker smoothie action"

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