FAQs: Chia Energy Gel (please scroll down for FAQs for other products and more)

1 How do I prepare my 33Fuel Chia Energy Gel?

To prepare your gel unscrew the spout and inflate the sachet. Add water to the neck, reseal and shake very well. Now leave for ten minutes, allowing the gel contents to absorb the water and naturally form an awesome gel. Your Chia Energy Gel is now ready and will last for 24 hours.

Either prepare in advance of your race or session and use like any other gel, or for more extreme events and multi-day races where weight-saving is vital, consider carrying your Chia Energy Gels dry and preparing as you go. This allows you to carry more nutrition for less weight. #winning

2 Why do you supply your Chia Energy Gels dry?

  • It means we can keep our amazing chia seeds whole - processing or powdering destroys many of chia's vital nutrients
  • It also saves us shipping tons of water around the globe unnecessarily. Much better for the planet, and cheaper shipping costs for you too
  • And it gives you the most versatile gel in the world (see 'Do I have to use water to prepare my Chia Energy Gel' below) 

 3 Do I have to use water to prepare my Chia Energy Gel?

Not at all, we simply recommend using water if you are using our gels for the first time. After that you can get as creative as you like - this is the most versatile gel in the world. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Want more carbs? Use apple or pineapple juice
  • Want more electrolytes? Use coconut water
  • Want caffeine? Add a shot of freshly-made espresso
  • Want your gel thicker or runnier, depending on race conditions? Simply add more or less of your chosen mixer
  • The days of buying multiple gels to clog your kit boxes and cupboards are gone. Our gel is every gel you'll ever need, all in one tasty package

4 Can chia seeds help regulate hydration?

Absolutely. Each chia seed absorbs many times its bodyweight in water as it naturally forms a gel. Inside the stomach, this liquid is released gradually as the gel is digested, helping regulate hydration. This is because nature rocks

5 There are still small bits in my gel, is this normal?

Completely. These are just tiny pieces of softened shell and are jam-packed with endurance nutrition goodness - they are there to be savoured

6 How long will my gel last after preparation?

All of our gels will last for 24 hours after preparation.

Make them in advance of your race or session and use like any other gel, or for longer and multi-day events where weight-saving is vital, consider carrying them dry and preparing as you go to maximise your nutritional bang for buck while slashing weight carried

7 Your gels have fewer carbs than some - how does this work?

Focusing on carbs alone misses focus on nutrient density, but it's nutrient density that makes all the difference when it comes to serious endurance. Each of our Chia Energy Gels packs 90 calories all dedicated to your performance, with a nutrient density that is off the charts next to any other gel - you will feel the difference. But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say here. Or why not put them to the test yourself? With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee you have everything to gain and nothing to lose

FAQs: Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes

1 How do I prepare my Elite Pre & Post Workout Shake?

Two options:

Either pour sachet contents into a blender with 200ml of water, fresh milk (or non-dairy alternative) and a banana. Blend for 60 seconds and enjoy 

Or, when time is tighter and you have no blender such as during mid-race transition or post-race recovery at the finish line, simply soak sachet contents in water or milk, stir or shake, and enjoy

2 When should I take my Elite Pre & Post Workout Shake?

Whenever you need the most out of your body.

Use as the ultimate breakfast on hard training and race days, as the most perfect recovery shake after tough sessions and races, and as optimum transition fuel during bigger events like Ironman tris, major ultramarathons, and multi-day races. They're also spot-on for keeping on top of your diet during business travel during blocks of hard training

3 Can I take other supplements with my Elite Pre & Post Workout Shake?

You can, but you don't need to. Our Shakes' powerful superfood ingredients give you more vitamins, minerals and goodness than any factory-produced supplement ever will

4 How many servings are there per 70g Elite Pre & Post Workout Shake packet?

One. All our Shakes are handmade and packaged individually to guarantee the perfect blend and ratios of all 33 ingredients every time

13 How soon will I see results from your Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes?

Your body will start reacting to our powerful Shake blend immediately and for results you can really feel it will take anywhere from a couple of weeks or so depending on your physical condition at the start.

This takes a leap of faith but despite what modern marketing loves to tell us, there's no such thing as a quick fix. Just as no one went from never running to blazing an ultramarathon, no product can transform you overnight, no matter what the big sports nutrition companies would prefer you to believe.

If you stick with our Shakes, you are guaranteed major results. You will find your energy levels are better, your endurance is stronger, and you get ill much less, if at all. Most importantly, you'll be able to train harder, recover faster and race quicker

FAQs: all products 

1 Are 33Fuel products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, they all are! 

The only exception is our Eroica Protein bar, which is still vegetarian but is not vegan as it contains egg white protein. 

2 Why are your Best Before End (BBE) dates shorter than other sports nutrition products?

We only use the best whole, natural ingredients in everything we produce because this is where real performance gains are found. This means no additives, preservatives or any other artificial nasties. Ever. 33Fuel products are real food and they last like real food too

3 Are 33Fuel products gluten-free?


4 When will I receive my order?

We send all orders to be with you within five working days, maximum. We also offer next-day shipping on UK orders

5 What do you charge for postage?

We offer free shipping on all UK orders over £45. For UK orders under £45 shipping is just £3.99. We also offer a next delivery option for UK orders for a small extra charge. 

For all international orders shipping is charged by weight and we make sure we always give you the best possible deal we can - we don't want anything to get between you and your delivery of the best sports nutrition there is.