How to use Amore

Energy Bar 33Fuel

Our Amore Natural Energy Bar is delicious fuel during exercise. It’s as happy powering your gym workout as it is fueling your cross country bike rides and runs.

How to use

  • Open wrapper, and enjoy!

When to use

  • Use Amore before your sport to top up energy levels before activity, use it during your sport to stay strong and energised, or simply use it as a healthy training snack during your busy day.
When used during exercise eat one Amore bar every 45-90 minutes

Good to know

  • Vegan, plant-based and dairy-free
  • Contains maca, an Andean superfood shown to naturally boost energy and endurance
  • The ideal natural training fuel & energy snack
  • Low GI sugars for stable energy levels
  • Real food formula means no stomach trouble
  • Source of fibre, helps lower cholesterol & blood pressure